Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back from Beantown!

My ma ape is finally BACK from BEANTOWN! She was visiting with Gee-Ographers. And she found out when got back that ERNEST MOMS were there and she missed them! I have since ordered her to wear her Ernest shirt whenever in a new town in case there is ever an ErnestMom there!

My ma ape was very disappointed to miss the ErnestFamily but also was totes bummed that she did not see any Boston Terrierists! Maybe they have all been secreted away to Airy-zona or Mini-Soda? Well, she did bring me a present which was a barking bat:

But I am NOT a Red Sox fan even though some of my buds like Mango and A+A are. Here I am pretending to bite David Ortiz:

Here I am catching a hit, saving a run. Yer OUT!

Also my ma ape was there right before the Boston Marathon and I was mad she didn't take me because me and sissy have been training:

Look at us run! I think we totes could have won the Olympic trials on Sunday AND the marathon on Monday.

My ma ape also saw mb who is a regular reader of my blog and is pretty cool even though he is owned by a goddamn cat! And he passed on news that in Boston they lose the Rs in some words but then find them in others. I'm confused:

And then she saw her friend Whingey O'Carr who my ma ape went to college with in the last century! Seriously, they are old. But Whingey is owned by a RABBIT named Finlay who is totally my bud because we have a lot in common: 1) being mama's boys/girls 2) growling at strangers 3) occasionally biting strangers 4) being ardent feminists 5) being in our prime, having improved with age and 6) our rabid fandom of fine television programming like The Hills.

Here's Finlay with her Christmas tree:

Will you be my cross-species bud, Finlay? Look, I got you flowers!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I should have known something was up. My ma ape took us to the field and we only go to the field on weekends or teaching days and Hump Day is neither of those. Then she told me. She is going to Boston for two days for a "conference." Something about Gee-Ography. Apparently this Boston place is a strange land where they have lost the letter R and are terrorized by a big green monster:

Apparently this monster is the nemesis of one Mr. Joe Stains, Yankee Fan Extraordinaire. I am so mad that she's been keeping her plan to run away from me. The news knocked me over.

Knocked me out cold. Who will feed me? Tug on the other end of the monkey stick? Pick up the Wally droppin's?

Oh right, the other ape. My head is still spinning...

Well, this is all I have to say to YOU, ma ape.

Well, that and BRING ME PRESENTS!

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And they say the sun does not shine out of my a**.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

My heart's aflutter!

This little dude is trying to close his eyes....

Get out all the yawns...

And drift off into dreamland to dream about...

A little slice of heaven he saw a glimpse of on the internets today...

Oh Sam, must you and your ice cream be so beguiling?

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wally's Randay!

Today is Randay! It's the day where Randay gets to do whatever she wants and what she wants is for ME to do whatever I want. I really needed a good day because yesterday my ma ape had to WORK and she left us alone and then the apes went out for sushi and they were gone forEVER because the car broke. I was mad even though it was the car's fault because, really, they should have taken me for sushi.

But the apes made it up to me! First, JApe brought me a new MONKEY STICK! LOOK! It's orang-a-stick!

And--get this--it's like three feet tall! That's as tall as my ma ape, I think! And Orang-a-stick has a HUUUUGE honker so I'll be able to wake up the apes.

Then we got to go to the field where sissy caught a bald eagle!

Just kidding! She did find this feather, though.

I did some doga. This is upward facing dog--how's my form, granny?

And then a little neck twist.

And again! With tail twist!

And then with my doga super meditation mind I levitated my sissy! Look!

Ahhh...then a little corpse pose. Even my jowls are relaxing.

Yup, we played and played until I puked (true story!)

Ah.....what a day.

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I am the Wallyrus

I have been told that with a pair of tusks I could be a dead ringer...

...for a certain sea beast with a name suspiciously similar to my own.

And after watching this I'm inspired to work on my dancing skills.

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