Saturday, February 14, 2009


SPCA Saturday has been delayed to celebrate the DAY OF LOVE! Oh yes. And I made a very special card to celebrate the day!

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oscar thought if we covered his eyes you wouldn't know it is him. HAHA! And now here is a little interlude to celebrate a very special love:

And here is the couple I am dedicating this song to (two!)--the PEPPY SHEPPYS! Because it used to take only one sheppy but now it takes TWO!

And now here is a little something special for all of my special loves. Sam, Sophie, Randi, the Corgi Girls, MJ, Lola, Narra, Stan, Stella, Sherman (I seem to have a thing for the letter S) you all know I love you so! Here is a little work of art dedicated just to YOU!

And here is a little song just for you (the plural you):

Ain't we got love????

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number...

A number indicating AWESOMENESS, that is!

Gus and his muzzer sent me this editorial which Gail Collins RIPS OFF MY BLOG by noting it is time for TIME, that is, Stumpy's win is an indicator of the triumph of the AARP, (Association of Retired Pooches):

Stump, whose hobbies are sleeping and sleeping, [mine, too!--ed.] is actually Champion Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee, but nobody his age can remember all that. After a refreshing workout that involved a short walk around the driveway, he trotted onto the stage and wiped the floor with his younger competition

Notably, Stump beat ONE OF HIS OFFSPRING in the ring. And he beat some new fangled technology/new fangled weirdness because the poodle who was competing was conceived using 25-year-old preserved semen. Kids these days!

But I think my model of aged awesomeness is this lady in Britain!

A teenage thief thought the old lady she was helping into a car would be easy pickings: just grab her bag and go. What the bag-snatcher didn’t know is that this old lady was a 100-yard British national champion in her youth, and she still had some fire left. Mrs. Jean Hirst, a widow and retired teacher, began chasing the thief, who finally gave up the goods.

Notably, my burpday is in 9 days. BUT WHO IS COUNTING?

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Year of the (Old) Dog!

I wanted to thanks all of my friends and assorted admirers who were kind enough to vote for me over at Mangominster where I won the people's choice in the herding group. And I do believe one Miss Sophie La Brador promised me smooches in the comments. (Don't worry Joe, I know who her ultimate fan favorite is!)

And I think that my win was probably predicted by the winner of Westminster, Stumpy, who like me is diminutive in stature but advanced in age, er, maturity.

The Corgi Girls said that I am a SILVER FOX. Old is the new young, dudes!

Here's a little smoochasmoocha face for all my buds! (Especially Mango and his mom who are really doing a great job with Mangominster which has been a hoot!)

And ordinarily I would be rubbing it in with my baby brudder and sissy that they are LOOOOOOOOSERS in the contest but I'm in too good of a mood. And also I'm too old to remember why I don't like them in the first place.


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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Corgadors at Dawn

My ma ape is back to teaching which means no more sleeping in or lazy mornings. No, I have to get up BEFORE the dawn cracks which means I have to catch my Zs where I can get them. I sometimes even have to make my own bed. With the clean laundry and the tipped over laundry basket. Sweet.

And we have to go for walkies and playtime EARLY. Walkies are for weekdays in the dark. On the weekend is playtime at dawn!

In the morning sun the peppy sheppys look almost dignified.

It does not last long.

I keep my dignity.

At ALL times. Dignified.

See the sun rise!

I wrote a haiku

Sun rises slowly
Corgador slouches toward dawn
Big head for big dreams

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Ape Burpday Alert!

Hey! The gang's all here! Why? To wish a HAPPY BURPDAY to my ONKEL ERIC!

He is turning 18586743424 today AND moving to Norway! We will now call him ONKEL ERIC the RED!

My Onkel Eric is fond of many things including APES (the ones with hair)

Paul Westerberg

And a generalized sense of ennui that can only be conveyed by the expressive face of a corgador:

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Sunday, February 08, 2009


OH MY DOG! I just learned that Wally's burpday is in two weeks. But that's not the SHOCKING part--he's going to be SIX! Or rather, six years ago he adopterated our ma ape! What should we get him for his burpday!!!??? Please leave suggestions in the COMMENTS!!! But say them QUIETLY! I don't want him to HEAR! But he's OLD and probably can't HEAR us ANYWAY!

--Oscar Bean, Super Teen.

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