Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shocking Saturday! (Warning: Adult Content)

I know that everyone thinks the baby is all cute and sweet but I have to tell you that, in the words of our national poet laureate Britney Spears, he is not that innocent.

You don't want to know what is going on under the cone.

And it gets WORSE!
I called for back-up!

But OBST just watched.
Poor poor pittie.

P.S. Have you voted to name the baby yet? Look at the post below and help us out! But NO you may not name him Casanova, Don Juan, or Playa. Thank you.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

A Potus Proposal: Name the Baby!

Helloooo! It's the Potus here. I have come up with a back-up plan for in case you-know-who moves in. I heard that Lou Paw-nella resigned as manager of the Cubs.

And I think that I not only resemble him but I look mighty cute with a Cub. Put me in, coach!

And now on to other things, here's the lil' dude with his new cone which he happens to think makes him look most handsome:

He also is quite industrious in learning new and creative ways for using it. As a sheppy shark deflector:

And ice cream scoop:

And an all-purpose irritant. (This is payback for when OBST got neutered and he bruised the ma ape up with his coney head.)

We need some help bestowing a moniker upon the wee one and would like some help. We would like you to vote in the comments. Your choices are:

  • a) Rufus (means red-haired and is the name of this guy and this guy.) Bonus: We can call him Rufus the Doofus.
  • b) Percy (funny snooty British name suggested by Mr. Joe Stains). He is also apparently a train on Thomas the Tank Engine who is cheeky and annoys the bigger train. It also ends in "y" like Wally, the original corgador).
  • c) Make your own suggestion!
Thank you for your help!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not a Fair Fight

Ethel and I have been fighting the good fight for common sense and reason. NO PUPPIES. We of more advanced age do not need a young whippersnapper nipping at our heels. But how are we supposed to contend with THIS???

I might as well give up the snuggle ball now. Sigh.

P.S. These photos give the misleading impression that the pupster spends a great deal of time sleeping and not being a little busybody. This is not an accurate accounting of his time.

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The Baby has become a man.

Avert your eyes, youngins!

Someone lost his lil' bits and now he has joined the ranks of OBST and Otis the nutless wonders!

And now he has a CONE on his head! More on that comedy of errors later!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Worldless Wednesday (A Caption This Challenge)

Caption this photo, please.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010


No, the development is not that the ma ape has hit the road with us and the corgi as FUGITIVES FROM THE LAW because she has decided to thieve him from the SPCA. No, I--Otis Potus--have made an alarming discovery. See, we thought the ma ape brought home a sweet little corgi puplet, a 15-pound slip of sweetness.

But, SEE!??!?? Do you see that devilish look in his eye?

And do you SEE the shark face of the little man on the right here?

Oh yes, I believe this is not a corgi atall. Our ma ape sometimes uses a cooking technique called reduction in which you cook and cook and cook out the liquid until you get down to a very concentrated, flavorful, small amount of the original liquid. I believe this corgi is a SHEPPY REDUCTION! A PINT-SIZED SUPER PEPPY SHEPPY!

Dog help us all!
He has launched himself (literally) into the shark-faced work of sheppy-dom with aplomb.

And has pwned OBST.

Love, and corgis, conquer all.

OBST is smitten and does not realize the great peril.

Of our own little Napolean.

But maybe OBST will recognize the threat before it is too late!

Though I'd say that ship has sailed. That's my snuggle ball (which he already peed on). And my antlers.

I must alert the world to the pint size peppy peril! First, I must remind you of my own alarming handsomeness.


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