Saturday, October 07, 2006

killin' time

i'm trying to find things to do until the hooskers play the cyclones this evening. here i am chewin' on my bully stick in my best rootin' jersey.

still chewin'. it's not easy when you've lost a good percentage of your teeth. but like the hooskers, i power forward.

just catchin' a few zs (beauty rest) and watchin' a little michigan state football with my husker jersey, blanket AND chew.

cabin fever

the weather is real lousy so we don't even get to go to the b-a-r-k-p-a-r-k. so we have to make do with playing in the inside. here's my sister catchin'.

here i am with a wiener in my mouth!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

the nightmare is over, buster

i post this picture for my friend buster the wired fox terror who rose to the challenge of listing doggie nightmares, mentioning his own fear of losing his ability to reach his "privates." i just wanted to reassure him that we do, thankfully, still live in a world where dogs may lick their own nether regions. however, mark foley, you should not recommend this to congressional pages.

cor ga DOR

meet carron, a handsome corgador at la macha rescue (do the dogs tilt at windmills there?) in pennsylvania. rescue him from the land of santorum (at least until november 7th)

Monday, October 02, 2006

dogs, dreams and downers

it was the best of times and the worst of times. this weekend i had a great time at the park herding the geese, begging from children (none with hotdogs, little bastards), and marking just about everything i missed last weekend. but friday night i had a nightmare. i started barking in my sleep, woke up my mawma, and then started barking while awake. i was really anxious and could only get back to sleep once i was in the naked ape bed and had some comfort petting.

what do dogs have nightmares about? (feel free to make your own suggestion, my friends in the dogosphere!)
  • empty food bowls
  • a world without bullysticks
  • totalitarian regimes led by cats who scratch our noses and bogart the litter box snacks
  • squirrels that fight back
  • refrigerators that won't open
and i had yet another nightmare experience sunday night when my seahawks played the bears. my onkel eric is a bears and a stealers fan and so far i am 0-2 against him. i owe him a lot of fat dog ales. i understand now why stephen colbert fears the bears.

language games

you know how sometimes you use a word so much, or hear it misused and abused so much, that it loses all meaning? (please don't misuse the word deconstruction around my mawma. she has some sort of brain hemmorage when it happens). i think when we start to describe dogs as terrorists, the terrorists have won. i hearby declare the words "terror" and "terrorist" to have a completely arbitrary meaning. the signifier has officially slid away from any signified. (is that deconstruction?)

from the ap wires:

October 02,2006 | CORTLANDT, N.Y. -- Describing abandoned puppies as "terrorists" in a classified ad doesn't seem like a good way to get them adopted. Unless you're in the animal-rescue world of Paula Young.

Young, director of Mount Vernon's animal shelter, learned last month that four rat terrier pups were about to be euthanized in New York City. So she swooped in, picked them up and brought them to her five-acre spread in Westchester County. Then she called The Journal News and ordered a two-week, three-line ad that says, "Twin Rat Terrorists; 11 months, adorable, full of fun."

You don't often see "terrorist" and "adorable" in the same description, but Young said she was just being honest.

"They can be little terrors," she said of the 8- to 12-pound, white-butterscotch-and-black short-haired terriers named Jack, Jackie, Milo and Dino, who were playing happily on a second-story deck on a recent morning and were perfectly friendly toward a visitor.

Don't be fooled by those sweet-looking faces and silky ears: Their fierce hunting instincts are likely to terrify any prey.

"If you're wearing a pair of slippers that look like bunnies, they'll think it's the greatest thing in the world and they'll attack them," warned Young.

"And they're very energetic. Jack jumped off that deck to greet me the other day."

Young said she advertised the little terrors by twos because people would be more likely to adopt two than four. And as of Monday she had found a home for just one -- Jack, who was adopted by a woman and her 11-year-old daughter in Piermont.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

battle of the century

seahawks v. bears!

dear onkel eric,

i'm sorry that my team the 'hawks will have to beat your team, the bears. i have nothing against the bears, especially since bears happen to resemble wallies. but my team will be taking revenge for your other team stealing the stupor bowl from us last year. i also have nothing against you since you are a fellow hoosker and feed me snacks when you have the opportunity. it's just that my team will have to embarass yours.


ps. please ask the hooskers to not do those ot squeakers. i'm sure they did it just boost the self-esteem of the jayhawks but it's really not good for my old ticker.