Friday, June 27, 2008

More on Wall-E

My bud Gussie sent me this review of the movie Wall-E that describes it as "a cinematic poem of such wit and beauty" Wit and beauty? Perhaps it IS about me after all? The story of a slightly physically imperfect but beautiful soul in search of love in a desolate world decimated by selfish, consumerist humans.

I can see the resemblance.

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Your O 2008

It is now the time of the sporting season when I am anxiously awaiting the start of the Cornhusker season as well as the inevitable disappointment by my baseball teams (Mariners/Cubs/Phillies). And this year filling in the gap is FUTBOL! Euro 08!

My team--Les BLEUS!--suffered from a bad case of Coachus Lameus and were knocked out in the first round. My sissy is a fan of Brazil (the beautiful game) so she doesn't have a horse in this race. My Auntie Ira's Russians just lost to Spain. So that leaves Oscar's team:

Deutschland!!!!!!!!!!!! They're playing in the final on Saturday so we got out the ole futbol to knock it around a bit:

But Oscar found himself playing defense more than offense.

Um, I'm not sure the mouth move is legal but no one got a red card:

Clearly Oscar needed help.

So we decided to play Boys Against Girls.

I taught Oskie one of my patented moves--the underbelly! You slip underneath your opponent and steal the toy/snack/bully stick. It didn't work so well for him because he has, um, legs.

He also tried one of my other moves, the Charm n' Grab.

And who won the Boys vs. Girls match?

Ethel, Ethel, Ueber Alles!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Going Ape!

The Spanish parliament just conferred human rights (life and freedom) on the Great Apes (ie, chimps, bonobos, orange-tangs, gorillas, etc.)! No word yet on how the apes will resolve the looming banana crisis. I am fairly certain that one of their first acts as rights-bear subjects will be to grant dogs the right to vote.

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Movie Review

I thought someone finally made a movie about something I had an interest in. There's a movie coming out this weekend called WALL-E.

That doesn't look like it's about me at all. Other than the part that ladies fall in love with Wally. I see know reason why robot ladies would not.

I will have to make my own movies. WAIT AND SEE.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Poet Alert!

I had a most exciting visitor today--MARVIN THE SCOTSMAN POET!

Marvin stopped blogging (temporarily, I hope!) but he was one of my first pals on DWB and has a special place in my heart. So much has happened since I saw you last.

No, Marvin, your eyes have not gone wonky. You are not seeing double! I have a baby brudder who looks like my baby sissy! His name is Oscar. He is just a baby and I have to tell him (what not to) do all the time!

But not everything has changed. I am still devastatingly handsome.

My limerick for Marvin:

There once was a stealthy poet Scotsman
Who could always make a corgador grin
His blog it went silent
Though I did decry it
Here's hoping our pal will pick up the blog pen!

Um, I think I'd better stick to prose.

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Stormy Weather

I read this article with great interest because it is about dogs with noise phobia. I totes hate thunder and firecrackers because I am my ma ape is afraid of them. That picture above is of the Storm Defender Jacket! that supposedly reduces your dog's ability to sense electrical changes and get all anxious-y about storms. It also appears to be quite slimming. It looks preferable to a Die-t, anyway.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a weekend!

When we adopted Oscar they said he was 11 months and it is now almost a month later so we arbitrarily decided that this is Oscar's Burpday Weekend! It just happened to coincide with the big sale at the local pet store. And my burpday is the 22nd (of February) so it's easy to remember.

Here's the burpday boy!

We got this started with BANG on our Saturday morning walk when we were walking by a house with an 8 foot wooden fence and suddenly--a pit bull came over the fence! Yowza! We SHOUTED AT HIM and he was completely nonplussed and just stared at us so Ethel decided to try to pin him! And still he didn't care! And my ma ape realized that collectively we weigh more than her so pulling us away was hard but she did and just when we got across the street someone pulled out of his collar and jumped on the pit's back---ME! Yeah, I'm tuff. And a little dumb. But no one got hurt. Except my ma ape's ticker. We didn't get any pictures of the event but here's what my ma ape looked like:

Also my ma ape decided to start the O-Man on a raw diet. Do you think he likes it?

He needs to learn to eat with dignity:

He and sissy stopped rasslin' for at least 5 seconds. (This is totally gross but they SMOOCH all the time! Like Frenching. Totes gross! And wait until I tell you about the humping).

And we got to go to the field to play!

And the O-Man did a little relaxin'.

But no one knows the art of the Sunday morning R&R like Wally:

And then it was time for ICE CREAM. This is doggie ice cream. Because my ma ape is a sucker for marketing (she says in the future she will stick to considerably cheaper homemade frosty paws):

The O-Man got some Paw-nut Crunch:

Ethel got an ice cream headache from the PawNut Swirl:

While I had a bite of the ole Snickerpoodle:

And we've heard the Cuz hype but no one in the house was mad about rubber toys but the O-Man got a DEVIL CUZ and he loves it:

And look at this drawer! That'll keep us in snacks for at least a week!

And here's a shot to finish the weekend:

Happy Burpday OSCAR!

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