Friday, June 12, 2009

It's for Glaucoma, I swear

Last week's vet visit was prompted by an incident in which I was glassy-eyed and disoriented. The vet couldn't find anything physically wrong but my ma ape saw something on the news today that she thinks might explain the whole incident.

Now she thinks I'm bogarting a stash.

I have no idea what you're talking about dude.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

SPCA Saturday (The Penance Edition)

I am very very late with SPCA Saturday and my ma ape says as penance for helping Oscar lie about his burpday so he could have TWO parties I have to tell you about all the dogs she was loving on at the SPCA. First I have to tell you about the MOST EXCITING NEWS!

This is Max! He is around 10 and was taken from his owner for neglected. And it turned out he had cancer and had surgery. He came in with his sister Angel who had bad arf-ritis. She was taken in my best buds IRL by the Patron Saint of Herding Dogs (formerly the Patron Saint of GSDs)! And now Max got a new home! He survived neglect. He survived cancer and now he can retire happily!

This lady was Maizie, also part of a neglect case (yeah, she lost an eye). Smiling cuz she's getting back scratches by MY MA APE. And Maizie? ADOPTED!

Here's Violet who looks grumpy but my ma ape assures me she is a sweet pea who likes to get MY BELLY RUBS.
Another belly rub stealer. This is Diana, a pit mix who is one of my ma ape's FAVES. She said she already has leash manners and knows how to sit and play and kiss up to my ma ape. Phhhbt!

Oh here is Misty, eating snacks from my snack drawer.

Here's Ty playing with toys with my ma ape. Gosh that must be fun. I wouldn't know because she is too busy with other dogs.

This is MAN with the pretty two-toned eyes. And that lap properly belongs to me. Good thing Man was ADOPTED! And not by that lap.

Wheeee! Lacey! Running to get MY SNACKS from MY APE.

Oh hai Max2! Lab Mix. Separation anxiety. Sounds like me but is not! So paws off, ma ape!

Wheee! This old man doesn't have a name yet but he's like 8 years old. Like I was! But don't adopt him, ma ape!

This is Ace, a very calm (for the breed) Jack Russell mix. That hand? My ma ape's.

Looky here! It's Regis. Once again, using my lap.

And this is Rusty--the one dog my ma ape was afraid of because he does an exorcist I'm gonna make my head spin, vomit pea soup, and maybe unleash the wrath of demons on you growl but he's just scared.

And I'm ending with this one because she is my ma ape's favorite (other than Diana. And all of the other ones). She is Heidi, a lovely lady who spent way too much time kissin' on my ma ape.

What I'd like everyone to do is to remind my ma ape about the poor neglected corgador who is starved for attention (and snacks.) Leave a comment about how much cuter I am than these dogs and how sad it is that I never get belly rubs or playtime or snacks. Thank you. Or you can always adopted from/donate to the SPCA! Maybe all the dogs and cats will get adopted so my ma ape can stay home!

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Weathering the Weather

This is what our weather looks like so I am quite busy pacing, panting and shaking like a Polaroid picture.

Also my ma ape has pictures of me being ADORABLE trapped in the camera but some of you have inquired about my health and I will post in spite of my lack of new pics. So I will tell you that yesterday my vet called and said that my tests came back and I look as good on the INSIDE as I do on the OUTSIDE and you all know how impressive my outside is!

A reminder:

It appears that my ma ape is even more high strung than the two sheppys combined. He prescribed more quarts of ice cream to be applied directly to my innards via my mouth.

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Monday, June 08, 2009


Ha HA! We're suppos-ta be telling you about the BIG WEEKEND and SPCA SATURDAY but we're in the DOOOOOOOOG HOUSE (which makes sense cuz duh WE'RE DOGS!)

The MA APE asked when my BURPDAY was and the J.APE said "Dunno. June 6th, right? 6/6?" What THEY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW was that we had been WHISPERING IN THE J.APE ear over the SNORING to say "OSCAR BURPDAY NEXT WEEEEEEEEKEND"

Look at Ethel laughing because SHE KNOWS!

MY BURPDAY IS JUNE 22ND!!! And the Ma Ape was too lazy to check and here are some things I got 1) a whole (frozen) duckling! 2) A TUG A JUG 3) ICE CREAM! And now we have to two it again in TWO WEEKS! WHO is HAVING SENIOR MOMENTS NOW??



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