Wednesday, June 01, 2011

For Joe

Joe, we know you and Wally are expending a lot of energy humping all the big dogs.  Don't forget to stop and have one of these.

Yup, a bacon double-cheeseburger pizza.  Miss ya, big guy.  We know your brudder is a Doofus but we're sure he'll look after your peoples.  


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Too Damn Exciting!

We are sorry for our potty mouths but the month of June is going to be excitement central.  First, one of our apes was gone this weekend and our ma ape is leaving this week for ANOTHER con-fur-ants. (We're starting to think this "work" stuff is a boondoggle.) She's going here:

THEN when ma ape gets back GRAN-NE IS COMING! GRAN-NE is coming!  She will take a break from planting Otis buffets:


AND..TODAY IS HER BURPDAY! She is having a mini-pawty up in Montreal but her visit is a perfect excuse for ANOTHER PAWTY! Prepare yourself for the pawty of the century DELA-WHERES!

(Photos courtesy of Sophie's blog and, presumably, her assistant.)

So, we made a movie to let our ape who was out of town this weekend know what we've been up to and to warn inform Sophie and GranNE what they should be prepared for, ie., non-stop funballs!

ETA:  Oscar wanted us to note that his burpday is this month, too. WHATEVER DUDE, SOPHIE'S COMING!

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