Friday, September 17, 2010


It is about time those olds let me blog! I have a lot to say ALL OF THE TIME. Here is a good picture of me. It is good because I am one little busy bee and I like to stay in motion. Buzz buzz. Let me buzz about my name.

Now you may be curious about the name Edgrr, especially as it was not on your menu of options. It was suggested by Ms. Sophie Brador who thinks knows I am cute as a button. LOOK! I am intense! (And slightly wonky eyed)

OK, GraNE suggested the name Owen Meany from this book because Owen was a sassy little dude AND his character was a reference to another literary little dude.

This one! The little boy from The Tim Drum with the voice that could shatter glass. And do you know what his name is?


So Owen Meany was perfect! But O-wen sounded a little bit too much O-tis. So when the ape said Oooooooo-wen!

Otis came running and I didn't! (The latter part is more about my inherent naughtiness and less to do with the name). So we went back to the drawing board and....

I'm kind of a talkative fellow.

So bossy I can command TWO sheppys at once!

And when I play and I'm happy I make a constant RRRR RRRR RRRR noise! And thus was ED GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR born! All around tuffy.

Occasional vampire (non-sparkly).

And all the time Otis admirer!

And now balance has been restored to the force! There are two EEEEEs and two OOOOOs.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

In absentia

We don't know what that title means. We just think it sounds totes smart, no? It's the non-sheppy dudes here and we have been gone for SO LONG! I think we last blogged 87234 dog years ago. No, our ma ape did not move to Dee Cee to take a job as a Presidential Advisor on Procrastination and Neglecting your Dogs (her specialties).

Nor is it the case that we have not been doing plenty of pho-to-genic things.

And our ape sez she is busy but she has found time to do the following: SPCA Saturday, sleeping, eating, drinking a Dogfish Head beer, cooking chile rellanos, teach several classes, read the internets (all of them), watch several games of the football. So therefore there is NO REASON WHY WE HAVE NOT BLOGGED. Here is a visual representation of how fighitn' mad we are.

So we have made her promise that she will help us update the blog including telling about the fabled origins of the name Edgrr, moar giardias!, things we are learning about the footballs and other enjoyable diversions, and EDGRR'S FIRST BONE. That last one doesn't really need blogging but he is STOKED. Oh, and we should tell you about the Greatest Love of All, that between an Elderly Pit Boo and his Baby Pemmie Brudder. See youse guys later. But not 20 years later which is how long it took us to blog last time.

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