Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shrimp Aid: A Benefit for Edgrr

We would like to raise awareness about a serious affliction that often remains in the shadows because of shame, sadness, and fear of the shrimp.

Remove children from the room for we are about to reveal scenes that will disgust, disturb, and horrify you:

Our poor brudder Edgrr is suffering horribly from Body Dysmorphic Disorder that prevents him from accurately perceiving his own body. Although he is a shrimp, he believes he is a 14 ton monster rather than a 14 lb menace.  We are therefore hosting a fundraiser to help treat his condition. We believe the only thing that will cure him is to send him far far away from us (maybe here) and our apparently humpable bottoms.  Will you help sponsor this beast and his long suffering sublings?  Every penny helps.  We will also accept wallymelons and ice creams to help treat our pain.

As you search for your plastic to generously donate to our cause please enjoy the tribute song the Pixies kindly wrote and performed to promote our cause:

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Sunday, May 08, 2011

A Day for Mudders!

Yesterday was Ethel's day but today is for mudders! We would like to send extra celebration fun vibes to our GranNE who, you may not realize, is not just a GranNE but a Mudder too! She can do everything.  Here is our GranNE at the Grand Canyon two weeks ago!  She hiked the whole thing (and wrestled mountain lions and tigers and Arizona lawmakers and we're pretty sure she popped over to NV to make John Ensign resign from the Senate.)

Side note GranNE: we know you love to garden but you didn't need to dig that enormous hole!

We'd like to tell you about your GranNE and why we are saying thank you to her today!

She has a Green Thumb which has skipped a generation (ma ape=bungling gardener) but Otis, as you can see, is quite prolific. This is just moments before he tried to eat one of these bags!  He also has pruned over half the hostas in the yard!

She also introduced our ape to corgis by letting her have one when she was just a pup!

Uh, yuh, thanks for that one GranNE.

GranNE also teaches us about Nebraska footballs (see Ethel's football? Apparently Edgrr didn't wash his jock strap--look at Ethel's stink face!)

And Oscar would like to give extra special goober covered love to his GranNE because he was not so nice to her but she was nice to him anyway and she taught him Dogas and now he loves her so much that he gets excited when he hears her on the Skype machine but he is very worried that she is so skinny that she can fit inside the MacBook.

Happy Mudder's Day GranNE! Visit us soon. We will be ever so good!  And here is a song that Oscar picked out for you:

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