Friday, February 19, 2010

The O Team!

Wally has entrusted us with his blog with very specific rules 1) NO SHOUTING 2) Don't alienate his friends 3) Keep up SPCA Saturday 4) NO SHOUTING 5) Be cool. So here I go! I thought it appropriate (see how learn-ed I became as soon as I stepped up to my responsibility!) to begin by telling you about my new international team of superbrothers. I am now a part of the O-Team (not to be confused with O-Town). It is appropriate because there is a happy new beginning up north in this land of Canadamerica, my new bestie OWEN C. PICKLES!

Owen C. is Sophie's new brudder. Welcome to the family, bud! And here's O-Bro II--me! Oscar Bean, Super Teen!

And ANOTHER brudder from ANOTHER mudder---TheO or, as I call him, The O, O-Bro III!

And every band of brudders needs a leader.

That's right! We are O'Tanner and the Os! United against Mean Sisters like Sophreaking Mean and Ethel Jean, Mean Queen, and Narra the Ice Queen. Tan Torkelson even got a party bus! Whoa. I don't know if we're a gang or if we're going to fight crime or be a boy band or WHAT but we have a superawesome name and maybe we'll get a clubhouse or something.

So I think I did a pretty darn good job of following the rules (highly questionable on the cool thing--Ethel) for my first blog post all by myself.

I believe I have upheld the high standards of dignity, intelligence and subtle wit QUITE WELL.


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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wallentine's Day

Wally's friend Ike posted this photo of Wally with a band-aid on his heart. Unfortunately it could not fix Wally's heart but I'm sure Wally would want to pass it along to all of us for our heartpain. Wally's girlfriend Randi said she was going to celebrate Wallentine's Day and I hope everyone else does too. Take a day to remember some of the happiest times and why you love your dogs so much. I wanted to post some happy memories with Wally. I picked out a little musical accompaniment, Tom Waits (with a Wally-like voice) singing a tune about two of Wally's favorite things.

This is Wally and his sister Morgan. She helped us pick out Wally and the two of them were very closely bonded. They used to go to the dog park together and she tolerated him grabbing her tail to keep her from running away from him too fast. She left us in April of 2005 but Wally always had a fondness for black labs.

The roach.

Iconic Wally.


Splendor in the hostas in the first house that was ours.

This is Wally enjoying a bone after his vet visit on Tuesday. He was not very sick until the very end and was still enjoying meatables, walks, and humping his brother until a few days before he passed.

Wally's real world besties asked for a razzie for the road. This is one of my last photos of Wally.

I love this photo. He had as much personality as his face would suggest.

This Valentine's Day be sure to, as Patience would say, hug your hounds.

--The Ma Ape.

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