Friday, February 16, 2007

corgador in time for my burpday!

all i want for my burpday is a mini-me!* all right, she's likely to be a maxi-me because she is listed as a newfie mix. her name is mallie (rhymes with wally!) and she would make a perfect burpday gift (hint hint, mawma!)

*ps. "all i want" is just a figure of speech. i still want things i can put in my mouth--food, bones, and fuzzies, please.

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snow days!

we had some nasty weather and the roads were awful so i've been taking a few days off of work. granted, i don't ever actually do any work, but it's nice to pretend i'm playing hooky. here are some pictures of what i've been up to.

evidence that a strange and beautiful creature has been here.

it was so cold the trees got icy. icicles are tasty. but not made of ice cream. i was disappointed.

i made some yellow snow.

i posed. it snowed, then it sleeted, then it rained, then all that stuff froze so you can see i'm standing on TOP of the snow--about three inches of it--which is really more like a big block of ice. my sister slides around on it but i am more graceful. ethel says that's just because i'm short and fat and with a low center of gravity. i say--shut up, ethel, this is my blog.

and then i'm cold and it's time to go inside.


dog love

bringing sexy back.

true love.

my good buddy rene sent me this link with "pinups for pitbulls." i was really disappointed to find that it was not actually pitbull pinups, all dressed up like miss sunshade and ready to do a burlesque show. rather, it is women dressed up like pinups and posing with pitbulls which is a somewhat odd message.

apparently they're doing it to improve the reputation of pitbulls who are incorrectly slandered as aggressive and out of control dogs (rather than dogs who are unfortunate enough to have aggressive and out of control owners). it's a noble cause, though i'm also intrigued by what it means that the pitbull's aggressive rep will be tempered by posing with sexy ladies? what does this tell us about our perceptions of violence? and women?

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

just because

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

westminster questions

more on the westminster dog show. first, i was relieved that harry potter (the cardigan welsh corgi, not the young wizard) did not win the group. my mawma loooooooooves him.

but i have some questions:

1) why are male dogs just "dogs" but female dogs are "bitches"? ie, why is the generic term the masculine one? can't we all be dogs? or better yet--can't we all be bitches?

2) why are dogs more likely to win than bitches? i read yesterday that betting odds were 2-1 on a male winning the show because males dominate in the beauty pageants that are dog shows. why is this? is it a) because breed standards are written according to the male standard b) the bitch standard is far more difficult to attain than the dog standard or c) because judges have a subjective preference for male dogs, regardless of how well the particular dogs conform to the standard?

3) what is josh (2004 winner pictured above) up to and does anyone have his number?

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best in show

so i hear a jerry springer spaniel won westminster. i guess he revealed the most shocking secret and/or was willing to flash the audience.

i would like to award a special best in show to the dog in this news story. behold:

THOMASVILLE, Ga. - A south Georgia woman bloodied in a car wreck says she owes her life to a German shepherd who — thankfully — just wouldn’t stay in his yard.

Shannon Lorio says that after her car careened down an embankment, the wayward dog found her bruised and battered on the vehicle’s trunk, pulled her by her shirt collar, dragged her about 50 yards through briars to a highway and let her lean against him so she could flag a passing motorist.

the dog saved her life and he didn't even know her! we sure are amazing animals, eh?

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happy valentines day!

I have already declared that my official valentine is sir studly dudley but i would like this opportunity to send my love out to all of my lovely pals.

Here is my sister Ethel. She sends her valentine love out to Tennis Ball, her only true love.

Here's a sexy shot of me on the couch, being seductive. (C'mon baby, you know you wanna rub that belly!)

And finally, a kiss for my greatest love, myself. But I'll share with the rest of you, too.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

snow time!

we finally have some snow (though it probably won't last long.) fortunately it isn't deep cuz i'm a lowrider and i hate having a cold belly (and cold bits are even worse!)

here's my sis in the snow.

i like eating snow. here i am having a little snack.

good stuff.

click to enlarge this one. it's a real work of art (my face, i mean).

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cosby's dog wins, eats pudding

bill cosby's dandie dinmont terrierist named harry won the terrierist group last night at westminster. i think it was the winning big head/short leg combo. still, i think i could take a dog that calls himself a dandy.

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i choo choo choose you

i love all of you but i'm hoping mr. studly dudley will be my valentine (i won't tell all your girly suitors, promise!). we can take sweet naps together, snoring in perfect harmony.

love, wally.

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doggie beauty pageants

i watched some of the westminster dog show last night. not by choice, of course. i usually boycott since the entire thing is a purebreedist racket, a doggie beauty pageant. but the naked apes in my house wanted to watch and squeal embarassingly at the mastiffs and newfies (my mawma is a size queen). and tonight she will go ga-ga over the corgis. sigh. i'm just hoping that, like recent beauty pageant scandals, we will soon hear about how the bulldog bitch was caught frenching the frenchie. or hear about the standard poodle going into rehab for greenies addiction. sweet.

if we had a dog blog dog show it would be impossible to pick a winner--tin tin's lovely spots are irresistible but so too are miss sunshade's long legs. boo casanova would get the vote of the ladies but buster has those pretty eyes and alluring stare. and gus's shiny coat? sid's dashing profile? marvin's silky black fur and sly grin? the irresistible wrinkles of studly dudley? butchy and snickers athletic builds? joey's enchanting eyes? boomer's million watt smile? max the v's long lustrous coat? fufu's tiny charm? i couldn't pick just one!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

monday morning pick-me-up

my last post was a bit of a downer so i thought i would post these pictures of panda cubs in china for a more uplifting start to this week:

big heads, round bottoms and stumpy legs? they might be part corgador.