Tuesday, February 13, 2007

doggie beauty pageants

i watched some of the westminster dog show last night. not by choice, of course. i usually boycott since the entire thing is a purebreedist racket, a doggie beauty pageant. but the naked apes in my house wanted to watch and squeal embarassingly at the mastiffs and newfies (my mawma is a size queen). and tonight she will go ga-ga over the corgis. sigh. i'm just hoping that, like recent beauty pageant scandals, we will soon hear about how the bulldog bitch was caught frenching the frenchie. or hear about the standard poodle going into rehab for greenies addiction. sweet.

if we had a dog blog dog show it would be impossible to pick a winner--tin tin's lovely spots are irresistible but so too are miss sunshade's long legs. boo casanova would get the vote of the ladies but buster has those pretty eyes and alluring stare. and gus's shiny coat? sid's dashing profile? marvin's silky black fur and sly grin? the irresistible wrinkles of studly dudley? butchy and snickers athletic builds? joey's enchanting eyes? boomer's million watt smile? max the v's long lustrous coat? fufu's tiny charm? i couldn't pick just one!

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