Wednesday, February 07, 2007

not so intelligent design

i've been very busy reading the new york times. their sunday magazine (which i could not read on sunday because i was too busy tailgating!) had an article about designer dogs that discussed the various pluses and minuses of designer dogs. (plus--even "purebreds" are designer dogs and some genetic diversity may be a plus, minus--people will pay exhorbitant amounts for what is essentially a mutt thus leading unscrupulous breeders to do pretty horrible things). fortunately they did not mention the most perfect possible designed dog--the corgador (ie, ME). i would hate to become the target of kidnapping by deranged astronauts or to have someone try to steal my precious dna (which would have to be replicated by artificial means since i am off the baby-making market if you catch my drift).

the whole article is worth reading, though i was most intrigued by this quote:

Many traditionalists see mixing breeds as somehow irresponsible in and of itself. As one pug breeder with a two-time, No. 1 show bitch to her credit told me: “There was only one really perfect thing on the face of this earth, and he was crucified. To us, the pug is pure.”

is she implying that pugs are jesus? interesting. the pugs i see at the dog park strike me as less than divine (or even son of the divine).

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Blogger Simon said...

Where would the current U.S. be without everyone using Jesus to support their cause/argument/obsession?
I need a bullystick!

4:06 PM  
Blogger wally said...

hi simon--good to see you again! jesus wants you to have a bully.


11:24 AM  

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