Saturday, April 25, 2009


LinkSee me ROACH FOR JOY?? That's for my bud GooberStan's MAMA who is now the GOOBERMASTER (with Honors!) Congratulations for defending your the-sis yesterday! (I defend the sis from time to time even though she's bigger than me.) I hope you enjoy the weekend and if you wake up with your cheek all wet that's just the Wallysmooches I sent!

(P.S. You ALWAYS had honors at our house!)

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Almost back!

I am still not caught up on enbloggerating and visiting my friends like Marvin, Scotsman Poet, whose Jeanne just came back from Down Under.

So I would like everyone to keep their voices down. Shhhhh.

My sissy's burpday is in less than two weeks and I have not yet begun to shop!

Last year look what I got her!

And I don't think I could get away with giving him again, even if I add some flowers to the deal.

And my ma ape caught me trying to gift on the cheap. See, here she gives me some piggy ears.

See, she saw me sneaking back into the bedroom to my bed. (Or beds. Yes, those are two dog beds stacked. We have an abundance of beddery.)

And rootin' around a bit.

And trying to bury my ear so I could give to to my sissy for burpday.

I thought it was pretty nice but my ma ape vetoed the plan to have pigs ears buried around the house for the next two weeks. So does anyone have any better ideas?

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Reign of Anarchy!

I have not been around much due to malign neglect. My ma ape was working at a con-for-aunts that she helped organize. I don't know why she wants to con aunts. I've met my Auntie Ira and she's really lovely. She gave me pastrami and told me how handsome I am. In her absence we have returned to a state of nature, becoming practically feral without her to overawe us.

Chaos has reigned. Instead of the peppy sheppys on ball duty I've had to do it!

And my baby brudder has been biting my butt!

And, as you can see, I have nearly starved TO DEATH.

And I have so rarely seen my ma ape over the last week that I have been getting overexcited about seeing her. I usually pass out when I bark and run around because other dogs are around but last week I passed out when my ma ape got home from work! Here she is showing my gummies. She can always tell how bad my heart is when I get pale gummies.

LinkSo I will be visiting y'all soon and regaling you with tales about the return to order at our house. I've been trying to catch up on visiting. The last few weeks have been tough with bad news over at Patience's place and at Ike's. I will try to find and/or make some good news

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