Friday, January 02, 2009


The Grey Lady has an article about cloning dogs and the curious fact that clones are not identical to one another nor to the original, displaying physical and behavioral differences. And the owner of one of the first cloned dogs did not want the cloned pup her son had made saying this:

“I already have a dog — a real dog.”

If we are all variations on a genetic theme then what makes some of us originals and others copies? Which of us are real and which are fakes?

I wonder, when I am cloned (and surely there are organizations bidding on my precious genetic material now) which of my traits will they carry? The incredible intelligence? The stunning beauty?

Well, I guarantee that no dog--real or otherwise--will look up at my ma ape with this level of devotion. Never forget that, ma ape.

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A Day for Bassets!

I was SO RELIEVED to check the Five Happy Hound's blog and see that my main lady Sam was feeling better. She's been under the weather and I've been so worried. I hope you continue to get better (but still get loads of extra attention!). Here's a picture to help you feel a bit better; I hope it doesn't make your fever worse!

Also I saw this story in the Telegraph about a basset and an owl who are best buds who like to watch telly together.

I like my stories, too, though I'd rather not watch them with a bird perched on my back, thank you. I would most def watch them with a basset bud, though.

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Thursday, January 01, 2009


We WON! And my Boy Named Suh who intercepted a ball for a TD against Colorado blocked a field goal in this one! SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH! Now I'm going to kill this stuffy in celebration!

Here's some artsy killin'. Cuz it's in black and white.


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Happy NU Year!

It is New Year's Day which means it is time for the GATOR BOWL and some CORNHUSKER FOOTBALL! This year they are playing the Clemson Tigers which means we need to have some TIGER BONES to get in good Tiger stompin' form!

Oh I'm so nervous I can't even watch!

Nom nom! Chewing on tiger bones is GREAT for the nerves.

My ma ape has got on her lucky red dot socks.

And Oscar Bean is pretending he's Wally and wearing MY jersey!

He is new to Husker football so I'll let it go. He needs to learn the ways of the Husker!

And if things go south I've got a growler of Yellow Snow Ale to sooth my woes.

Do you see the dog on the bottle? He looks like ME!

Ok. Still 0-0 but I'm most excited about the guy in a Corn outfit in the crowd.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Kiss-Mas Stuff!

So I told you we like to live it up over the holidays so here is more special stuff!

First, my ma ape got us DUCK BREASTS for Kissmas Eve. She goes to the store during the week so that she can get the discount/almost expired meatables and they are cheapables! My ma ape made us sit and watch FOREVER while she put our duckables out and took their pictures. Jeez!

As you can see from these photos these were MAGIC DUCKS that HYPNOTIZED us and gave us GOOGLY EYES!


Or we might have been a little tipsy from the Kissmas beer. I couldn't even hold my head up. Hic!

And we got SPECIAL Kiss-mas outfits! My ma ape got these awhile ago but was saving them for Kismas but she's been BUSTIN' at the seams to tell you about them! She got them from the Whippet Waggle's Store! (There was also a special thing for me from the whippets that I will show you later!) My ma ape said we can wear them and show them off when there is sun because we look BEAUTIFUL in them! Mine is yellow monkey, Oscar is red monkey, Ethel is Elvis Monkey! Ha!

And here I am with a very special present that the other ape helped me make for my ma ape. It is a BOOK with ME ON IT! And I am IN IT, too! It is pictures of ME and my SISSY and my BRUDDER, and my FRIENDS, and dogs from the SPCA! And my ma ape had a copy at the sammich shop today and lady walked by and literally STOPPED IN HER TRACKS to comment on how cute I am. Yup, still got it with the ladies!

Whew! I'm so excited from the Kismas that I had to kick up my heels and do a little ROACHIN'!

Oh I love the holidays when I can bless the apes with my presence. The greatest present of all.

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