Saturday, February 21, 2009

SPCA Saturday (Burpday Edition!)

Hellllllllew! It is Roscoe P. Neo, reporting for duty in SPCA Saturday. For Wally's Burpday he sent us all chews! And so everydoggy got a little quality chewing time. Aw yeah. Here I am being ADORABLE, as per usual.

And now on to the other non-me adorables:

First comes Madelynn who gets to go first because she is a senior citizen like Wally--ahahahaha!

Ms. Lexi is a high energy youngin'

And now meet LYLA:

And here is LYLA with her new bud Nezzy, who is a new dude at the SPCA!

And there weren't many new dogs and so some older timers got to go out and play! DO you remember Beast? He's a bowlegged pit boo! And here he is with lil' Bella. Peek a boo, Beastie!

And now he's on top!
And now she strikes back!

My girlfriend Bella the Dane went to a new home so here is your love fix for the day because I know you sure love you some Roscoe!

We enjoyed Wally's burpday so I hope he gets something to eat. Do you think he will?

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Tomorrow will be the sixth anniversary of when I rescued my ma ape from her empty and meaningless existence. Oh yes, tomorrow it will be 6 A.W. (After Wall-a-boo!)

For my burpday I would like everyone to get extra snacks and belly rubs. By the end of the weekend we should all look like the photo above!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009


My ma ape has been busy this week and hasn't been able to help me blog.

She says she is working but I know that surely she has been shopping.

Two shopping days left before the big BURPDAY. I'm keeping busy to pass the time.

And yesterday a BIG box arrived on my doorstep. From Oregon. At least I know SOMEBODY loves me! HaROOOOOO!

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Shout Out to Shelters!

I was visiting the Brat Pack and they have this ad to share!

We made our own ad. These are the kinds of things you can find in a shelter!

Don't you want one, too?

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A Burpday of National Importance

February is a month with many important burpdays. My Onkel Eric, my Lady Sam, my bud GooberStan's ape and, of course, one of our most important statesmen, known for his leadership through troubled times and his soaring oratory. You know who I'm talking about.

GUS, of course!

Here he is contemplating matters of great pith and importance. Happy Burpday, big guy! For you? My finest roaching:

And a pome:

For Gus the Dagger
A haiku and a wish too
Teka Toy No More

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

SPCA Saturday (Love is in the Air Edition!)

Hello! It is SPCA Saturday with Roscoe! But we are late because there was Valentine's Day and then Wally had to wish HAPPY BURPDAY to his special lady. Do you think I will find a special lady? Do I look sad? It is not because I do not have a special lady (more on THAT later). It is because Neo rescue doesn't want me because they don't think I am purebred. :( So sad. So I will let you meet my friends. But you know who is NOT going to be on this week? MY BUD BIG RED JR! Cuz he went to a home! AWOOGAWOOGA! Big ups, Big Red Jr! Someone is VERY lucky. And that someone is whoever he adopted. Now my friends!

This girly girl is Kayla who is totes sweet and likes to play a LOT. She is probably some manner of pit mix or boxer mix. She has loads of energy.

This doggy is Diamond. She is new at the shelter and is very very nice. She mostly likes to snuggle.

This is Dallas. (Fun fact! That was ETHEL'S name in the shelter--can you even believe it!!??) Dallas is a lab mix who was adopterated out as a puppy but came back because of separation anxiety issues. But he is really really really nice. And a bit on the chub side. He weighs more than 100 pounds!

This lady had puppies at the shelter! She is very very nice and was just spayed so she does not have any more puppies. She minds her Ps & her Qs and she knows all her basic commands. Including "LOOK FIERCE!" for the camera.

This is Ronaldo who is from Brasil and excels at futbol. Haha. Just kidding! He's very nervous, especially around dudes, and he speaks SPANISH. Whoa. He might be some kind of Akita mix? He's pretty big.

This is Bella! She likes to play with squeaky things.

And this pawsome fellow is Sweety Petey! He is a shelter favorite because he is so nice and happy.

And now for a special lady. This is Bella--ahumina humina! She is a Great Dane. And oh man is she lovely. Just my size! I'm going to ask her to go steady. Don't you think we'd be lovely together?

Bella and Roscoe sittin' in a tree!

Here's a shot in case she likes bad boys!

See you next week unless someone decides they need a little Roscoe Rescue in their life.

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A Very Important Day

Today is the burpday of the most beautiful girl in the world! MY LADY SAM! HAPPY BURPDAY, LADY!

I wanted to play our song:

I like bas-sets and I cannot lie! You other doggies can't deny! When Sam walks in with her wrinkly skin you get SPRUNG!

And here's a little kiss:

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