Saturday, February 07, 2009

SPCA Saturday (Sunny Edition!)

Yo! The boys in red coats are back for SPCA SATURDAY with your intrepid hosts Big Red Jr (AKA Derrick) who was feeling meditative today:

And Roscoe P. Neo who is feeling wrinkly as per usual!

This feller is #307 and he doesn't have a name but Wally says he is a dead ringer for his bud MARVIN the SCOTSMAN POET. He was very shy but totes sweet.

And here's Heaven! The lady with the camera had a hard time getting pho-tos of her because she was usually either jumping on her lap or using her as a springboard. Here she is tuggin'!

This handsome feller is Lionel. He does love a good romp in the snow and a good asmoochasmoocha fest.

Here's Teddy (Ted the Head). He's a mastiff mix with a big ole head, though it is quite diminutive compared to ole Roscoe P. Neo's noggin'.

Oh! Here is SHAGGY, an ole English Sheepdog mix. How do you think he got his name?

Here's Stanley, Stan-the-Man. He's a nice ole shepherd mix. He got hit by a car but they fixed him up and he's as good as new. Minus a coupla patches of fur.

This lady is Trixie who wanted to spend the whole time outside just givin' and gettin' hugs. Aw, what a nice lady. And she looks like Big Red Jr. They could totally go out and then it would be like going out with THEMSELVES. Whoa.

And here's Koda, a boxer mix. He likes playin', runnin' and having the biggest bug eyes in the world.

And today I discovered something awesome--TOOOOOOYYYYS!

My jowls like them, too!

I especially love a good game of tug n' growl! The lady says I would make a GREAT piece of exercise equipment. I also gave her a nice cardio workout chasing me to try to take me back inside! Aromparompa!

Today a buncha dogs got adopterated like Rex my American boo-dog buddy and Bobby, a little pit boo pup who wasn't there long enough to get his picture took! And a Rottenweiler and a lil' sheltie mix. It was a good day! And maybe next week me n' Big Red Jr. will be OUTTIE 5000, G!

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It's Show Time!

This is Roscoe P. Neo, working on SPCA Saturday. As a fellow mastiff I'd like to alert you to the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH--MANGOMINSTER! over at Mango's place.

As you can see I am working on my juggling for the talent competition.

See you soon at SPCA Saturday!

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wally's Life Lessons

Sometimes you use the pillow.

Sometimes you are the pillow.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Oscar on the Boob Toob??!?

I am concerned. I was sent this video by my bud Narra. I was excited because
1.) I like The Soup
2.) I do not like The Dog Whisperer

But watch the video carefully. It appears that before he moved in with us Oscar was a star of the small screen! A Norwegian War Hound!

Here's the funny thing--while they make fun of his techniques, they cut OUT the part where he puts a shock collar on Oscar and he promptly bites his owner! Don't tase me bro!

Here is Oscar, having vanquished the Canadian Goose my granNE sent us. What TV show will he turn up on next?

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Things to Howl About

Hi dudes! Let me extend my congratulatory howls to Joe Stains and the Shermanator. Their team the Pittsburgh Steelers are the World Champions of American Football (even if the Roughriders would have run Roughshod over them and we all know that, right Sophie?)

Also in the news, the place where my ma ape cheats on me was in the paper for adopterating out so many cats AND dogs over the pawlidays. Thank goodness they didn't wind up HERE.

And now it is time for a quiz. Please study the following photos.

What do you think has made me run so enthusiastically toward the camera?

A) The Corgi Girls are hosting a cocktail party and I gotta get there in time for first pour
B) Golden Girls marathon!
C) Malia and Sasha have called with instructions on when/where they will pick me up for my big move to the White House.
D) Malia and Sasha's dad is calling to vet my tax records.
E) It's Super Bowl time and someone just dropped the guacamole!