Saturday, September 12, 2009

SPCA Saturday (The MIght As Well Name Us Apple Edition)

Well hellooooo, this is Ja-Rule here bringing you SPCA Saturday. Yes, my name is Ja-Rule. Let us not speak of it again.

I am going to introduce you to some friends. You will not get to meet Storm & Sweet Pea from last week because they got adopted! Harooo! Not together but Storm went to a home with a dog so I think he'll be ok. Now, my friends.

This is Mitchell Cookie Face.

And KAI-CHI! Like Tai Chi but, um, not. Yeah, I don't know who is doing the naming but they might need some help.

Kai Chi is interesting. He looks like a Pharoh Hound/Pittie Mix!

And this is Chad, a goofball.

Aaaand, Pretty Boy. Again, yes, his name.

And it's Bad Bad Leroy Dog! Baddest Dog in the Whole Damn Town! Nah, he's a sweetheart.

And this is Nena the Jumping Beana. She is a little high energy.

And more Ja-Rule!

And this fella is Big Blue/Jughead. He's the papa to the pittie pups from a coupla weeks ago. He is a cruelty case and is perhaps the sweetest dog in the world. He had his ears butchered off and someone was really mean to him. He was probably being bred for fighting. Poor Big Blue. But he's the sweetest dog in the world. And, really, when you look at this face and think of fighting? There's something wrong with you.

Big Blue has an adorable bulldog like lumpy body but there are no pictures of it because he spent the whole time crawling on the lady and asking for lovin'. He's a sweet guy and we hope his court case is settled soon so he can finally get the home he needs.

Ja-Rule OUT!

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Paternity Test, Plz

In spite of what I am attempting to do to my brudder in this picture...

We swear that this was not the outcome:

My ma ape found this guy, Iceman, on Petfinder. We could name him Walscar. Or Olly.


SPCA Saturday (the Love Machine Edition!)

Hellooooo! Beast T. Beefcake and Pongo here to bring you SPCA SATURDAY. It is a BIG WEEK here at the SPCA because they are launching the Delaware Humane Alliance and they're going to spay and neuter like everybody in Delaware! Wooo! So here is our SPCA tribute to birth control! Safe lovin'!

First are the singletons who are LOOKIN FOR LOVE! This is Tucke who is lookin' for love so fast everything is a blur!

And Midnight who is trying to wiggle her way into your heart.

And Jessie Girl! Like the Rick Springfield song (Where can I find a pittie like that? Like Jessie Girl!)

Oh! This is Luke, a baby lab who has since been ADOPTED.

And here is lovely lil' Sweet Pea.

And Storm, the scaredy cat beagle. They're both great, right?

But wouldn't they be even better TOGETHER!!??? Storm was scared and wouldn't even let anyone touch him when he was by himself but add a little Sweet Pea?

Instant Moxie!
And here is a story of love that begins with a search.

For just the right one...

To fulfill all his hopes and wishes.
Hercules has found it!

A lab and his ball....true love!

And now the greatest love of all! Two pittie boys in action! The pursuit!

The pounce!
The struggle!

And the fruitless, incessant humping! So fun!

These are our stories of love, required and un! Maybe you could requite some love by adopting some dogs!

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I must warn you. This week's SPCA Saturday is EPIC. There are stories of love (a dog and his tennis balls, a beagle and his half beagle friend, and two pitties in lust) and epic battles, mostly between my ma ape and her urge to bring home two dozen dogs every week.

So while she is editing these pictures I thought I would show you some new things at my new house.

First, Grammie was worried about my yard and whether there was enough space. Barely. But here is part of it. You can see me a bit up at the top and sissy likes to sit up in the top between hostas. (And yes, that is a church behind us.)

We installed a new alarm system, as you can see, that is quite effective. Or will be so long as the burglar is a dog who comes during the hours when the peppy sheppy alarm service is awake.

While I am head gardener, I hired Oscar Bean as my assistant in charge of watering, as he is doing here.

One evening I decided to have some fun with my slug friends in the hostas so I got them all drunk. They had a rough morning:

We got some furniture, most of which has made it into the living room. Our new Oscar-sized chair:

And a love seat. We're just demonstrating how love birds might use it. We are not ACTUAL lovebirds.

And here I am sunning myself in my favorite part of the house: my porch/deck combo.

I am so behind on blogging and I still need to tell you about important things like Nebraska football, Vick Sticks, and many other important things that have slipped my mind because Twitter has given me a short attention span.

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