Thursday, November 30, 2006

corgadors for the holidays!

i have been neglecting my adoption service so i thought i'd give you a trio of good lookin' candidates. i've decided to expand the definition of corgador to "any dog that i covet when i find it on petfinder." this, unfortunately includes almost of every dog. and, unfortunately, there are so many to choose from. but here's a sampling:

this is price who is probably a purebred cardigan but is really cool because his eyes are different colors! (do you think he sees half the world in brown and half the world in blue?) he lives in north carolina but would make a fantastic stocking stuffer.

this is corky she lives in o-hi-o and she wants a home so bad she's squeezing her eyes tight and hoping for one SO HARD. she likes everything and watches animal planet. i assume she opens her eyes for that.

this is sadie, a beautiful corgador also in ohio who was allergic to her previous home (a farm).she's got all her shots, is spayed and it appears that her right ear can defy gravity! what more could you want? she looks a little chubby to fit into a stocking but she'd look great under a tree!

don't stand in line to get a stupid playstation! get a corgador--fully interactive, doesn't kill brain cells, costs less, and you are considerably less likely to be trampled to death trying to get one!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

look out ethel!

my sister ethel may be part belgian shepherd and so she'd better be careful. the belgians are crackin' down on misbehaving dogs (why is everyone looking at me?)

BRUSSELS (AFP) — Misbehaving Belgian dogs could find themselves with a "criminal record" under a new parliamentary proposal, with offenders facing anything from a rap on the paws to the death penalty, according to a newspaper report Saturday.

Under the proposal, adopted by the Senate upper house's social affairs committee, dogs and their owners would both come under scrutiny, with anyone who has served a six-month sentence for a violent crime banned from owning a dog.

If a dog bites anyone, as happens some 100,000 times a year in Belgium, a local official could sentence the canine offender to anything from a reprimand to the death sentence from the local burgomeister.

The culprit could even be seized from his kennel without even the need for a search warrant.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

we will not be cute!

in an on-going attempt to get a cutesy holiday card photo my mawma purchased santa hats and tried to get us to pose--yeah right! we're no trick monkeys!

this looks like my sister ethel is sweetly giving me smooches but really we're about to start rasslin'.

the ball on the hat looks tasty. look at my sister's eyes! she has christmas lights in them!

maybe we should try kwanzaa photos.

drunken moose saga continues!

last week i blogged about the swedish moose who was terrorizing children in his drunken rages. the story has taken a turn for the worse! the drunk moose has fallen through the ice and died! i have learned a valuable lesson about not eating fermented apples on an empty stomach:

STOCKHOLM (AFP) — A moose that became inebriated after binging on fermented fallen apples in northern Sweden drowned when it fell through the ice of a frozen inlet, Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet reported on Thursday.

"The moose appears to have eaten too many fermented apples and become confused out on the ice," Luleaa police spokesman Erik Kummu told local media.

Emergency services were scrambled but they were unable to save the four-legged apple thief.

For several days prior to the moose's demise, local residents had contacted police after seeing the animal munch its way through rotting fruit, Aftonbladet said.

Drunk moose are relatively common in Sweden in late autumn as the animals eat fallen apples which ferment slightly on the ground.

naughty apes!

Panbanisha the bonobo has outsmarted the naked apes! she's figured out how to get her human apes's attention by pulling the fire alarm. hehe!

you can watch video of her at the iowa great ape trust. hairy apes rule!