Friday, August 10, 2012

Ed's Big Day Out

My humpy, growling, terrorizing little brudder Ed got invited for a playdate (NO FAIR) with mini Peppy Sheppy Windsor.  Ed is a MONSTER at home but a meek lil' flower out and about and I laughed and laughed watching him get his in this video! But it is NO FAIR he got to play with my buds Tuchuck, Narra, and Rousseau.  Otis wanted to hang out with old man Jackson, the elderly gent in this video.  Next time WE GET TO GO.  Now watch Ed--turnabout is fair play lil' humpy machine!  -OBST.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012


This is an action film. Be certain you are seated in a secure spot before you begin watching cuz we are about to blow you away.

Or something.  (Please be patient, we are learning our camera!)

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Lights, Camera, Action!

We have a NEW CAMERA which is quite exciterating.  It is a GoPro, designed for hands-free use.  Our ape thought maybe it would allow her to film and interact with us. She is still learning how to use it. It doesn't have a screen so it's hard to see what you're filming which is a new experience for the ape.  The biggest problem, as you will see, has been keeping it out of Otis's mouth. He loves tasting the ol' GoPro. The other problem, as you will see, is our daredevil stunts. Hehe. Ed can tell you about it.