Saturday, July 19, 2008

SPCA Saturday

This edition of SPCA Saturday is shocking. Young children and pups should be kept away. Also, Rick Santorum avert your eyes. Or go to the SPCA and adopt a dog.

OK, first this is Remington who I wanted because I do love chubby chocolate labs. But my ma ape said someone was looking at him and he was so totally awesome that he will probably find another home today. I offered my bro and sis in a trade but the ma ape said no.

This lady is Sunny, a houndable. She was nice, too.

And Jack was a sweet but scared mastiff? bully? lab? mix. He was very sweet but a little shy, especially around dudes (just like I am).

And this little spitfire is Stinkey! He is an awesome pit mix who loves playing with toys and peoples .

And see this nice looking, clean cut young fellow named Cool Joe. He's a lab/mastiff? mix. He looks sweet and innocent, right?

But here's the shocking bit. That dude? Is Cool Joe. And who has he, erm, fallen in love with/claimed/tried to get busy with? That's my MA APE!!!???!!! He didn't even buy her dinner first!!!!

I am shocked AND appalled.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dog Parkin'!

Wooo! It's Oscar Bean, Super Teen! Wally calls me OSCAR BEAN because "bean" rhymes with more things than Oscar and so Wally can write little ditties about me, especially funny things that rhyme with Bean.

And yesterday I got to play HOOKY from SCHOOL and go to the DOG PARK. That RAWKS. There were like a million shepherds there and plus funny shaped things like these ones.

And then ohmydog there were BEARS THERE:

I was so afraid of them and ran away. And the black one looked like Wally on steroids! Whoa! And I thought maybe Wally took HGH and got really big and was going to take his revenge for me biting his monkey stick!

My friend Tuchuck is not afraid of ANYTHING--even BEARS.

Wally and Ethel had to stay home because they are sometimes grumpy at the park but Wally was totes jealous when I got home because he thought that I saw Nanook and Pooka. Ohmydog these bears are EVERYWHERE. I rawk!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What is my ma ape not telling me?

From watching this clip I can only conclude that either 1) Jon Stewart caught giardi-butt from my ma ape/Oscar or 2) Stephen Colbert is sending secret messages to her.

My ma ape is hoping it is the latter though she has not yet decoded the message.

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Holy Dog!

MSNBC has this story about a dog at a Zen Buddhist temple in Japan who prays with the monks. The dog's name is Conan which was the name not only of a famous Barbarian but also of my ma ape's first dog (a corgi). It doesn't seem like a very Zen name.

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Barking Mad!

Everydog and their ape has sent me this article Animal Pharm from the New York Times Magazine about pharmaceuticals for pets. Do you all think I'm crazy? (Don't answer that GranNE).

OK, I took pupzac back in 03 when I had that little bout with separation anxiety that led me to break out of the house several times in search of the ma ape. All the Pupzac did was make me pee a lot. Turns out all I needed was another dog in the house.

Anyway, to cut to the chase of the article--it says that yes, we animals DO go barking mad. And who drives us there? YOU NAKED APES.

All work and no play makes Wally a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Wally a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Wally a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Wally a dull boy.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

We got bushed!

Next time you watch by a lovely hedge or bushes just remember.

You never know who.

Or what.

Is waiting there for you.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Play Date!

Look! Two boys in a car! ROAD TRIP! ROAD TRIP!

We were going to visit some friends. Do you remember this dude, Tuchuck?

He was my sissy's first dog friend (other than me). And Tuchuck has a big bro and a sis. Jackson and Narra.

They are our DWB AND real world friends. Though last time we saw each other Ethel picked a fight with Narra and Ethel wound up at the vet with a cone on her head. I told her to BE NICE. No girl fights. And there weren't! Oscar is really good friends with these dudes because he had some slumber parties at their house before he came to our house. He and Tuchuck are especially close. Kissin' Cousins!

My friends have a new brudder named Rousseau (the philosopher, not the artist.)

He's big ole bad ass Aussie Shepherd X. Um, he's on the other side of the fence because I jumped on his back which was not nice a nice way to say hello. But Rousseau got to come in after me n' sissy were in exile on the other side of the fence. Rousseau likes Oscar. A lot. Here he is trying to hump him! Ha!

Narra was not much interested in us. She likes to fit many tennis balls in her mouth and play hard to get. She wouldn't even let my ma ape pet her! She's like totes a society girl and thought we were kinda embarrassing.

Mostly there was a lot of running running running.

A touch of chasing.

And a smidgen of rasslin'.

And while I may be old don't count this dude out!

We also spent a lot of time around the water bowl.

Which SOME dogs thought was their personal water bowl.

There was a lot of following, much of it by Jackson who, like me is older and wiser.

Here we are having a little AARP convention.

Look! Dude convention!

Three amigos!

Four amigos!

We were very tired after our playdate. Here we are on our way home. Can you see me? I am UNDER Ethel catchin' some Zs.

We were so good that we get to have ANOTHER date next weekend AND I hear we're getting ICE CREAM for DINNER. Oscar sez, "THAT ROCKS!"

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