Friday, January 07, 2011

Help Has Arrived

The State of California is in a right mess but as you can see, they have a new Top Dog. (From the SacBee)
His name is Sutter and he takes his servant Jerry Brown for regular walks. (From the LA Times). Don't worry, with a corgi in charge we know that


is under


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Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year, New Adventures!

Otis T. Potus reporting for blogging duty. We've had a wild and crazy couple of days! On New Years Eve I got into the car to try to find a date for the big night.

There are few things I enjoy more than a ride in the ole Rondo.

One of the things I love more is visiting the SPCA! No for reals! I love visiting the dogs and the peoples. This is my bestie Jack who took great care of me when I was living there.

And here's the other reason I like to go there--hot chicks! This is Ruby Roo! She was adopterated and returned. Some of you naked apes need a serious talking to.

She's a totally sweet girl at both ends.

With fine taste in men.

And she's a gal who knows what she wants.

Mostly she wants a boy to give chase!

Here we are chatting with JoJo, a resident GSD. I would have brought Ms. Ruby home but apparently four's a crowd, five's a heart attack for ma ape. I would be willing to trade in my two brudders for one Ruby. No deal.

I'll have to continue to admire her from afar.

Then New Year's Day we piled ALL the dogs in the Rondo. Good dogs in the backseat, bad dogs in the back!

We went here! Fair Hill, which is a big park with some horses, some peoples, some dogs and lots of open space. And deer poops. Mmmmmm.

We did walkies and everyone thought I would tucker out too fast because I refused to pace myself and barreled ahead full speed!

Nope, this Potus kept up with the crowd!

Play hard, nap hard! Happy New Year!

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