Friday, May 01, 2009

Ethel's Day OUT!

Ethel HERE! Wally let me BLOG because I HAD TO GO TO THE V-E-T! And look who is IN THE CAR WITH ME! He had to have a TICKER CHECK and also GET WEIGHED and also CALM ME DOWN.

I was superduper mad because we got SPECIAL COLLARS from Patience and I don't get to wear mine to the field because I will get it STINKYDIRTY so I'm supposed to wear it when I go OUT and ABOUT but the ma ape couldn't find Wally's MONKEYCOLLAR so he got to wear MY ELVIS COLLAR! And I'm the one who ain't NOTHIN' BUT A HOUND DOG.

When we got there we read the pee mail first and it WARNED US.

And then Wally left some of his own and I read it. BO-RING!

We got weighed and I am 70 POUNDS SKINNY! Wally will not let me SAY THAT HE IS 50 POUNDS FAT. OOOPS! And I tried to hide behind the ma ape and behind Wally but they BETRAYED ME and let the VET poke and prod me!?!!

Haha. Look at the poster in our room! And also I am glad someone is addressing the scourge of FATCATS. I was totally nervous even though Dr. Teti said my TEETH AND COAT ARE A-MAAAAAZING.

I was wily and trying to sit in my ma ape's lap so they couldn't poke my bum. So Wally told some funny jokes.

And I chilled out as much as I ever do--NOT MUCH. And I'm still mad because why did I get POKED and Wally just had his heart listened to???

When we got home I was still mad because my other brudder should have to go get his brain poked because he PEES LIKE ME but he's a BOY so he always pees ON HIS OWN LEG--EWWW!

Look at my ANGER! (If you embiggen the picture I am showing my BEAUTIFUL TEEFERS).

THE WRATH OF ETHEL! Dr. Teti does not EVEN KNOW how I sharpen my teeth ON MY BRUDDER!

I am being PHIL-O-DOG-ICAL here because next week is my BURPDAY.

The ma ape says I will be 5 or 6 which means I am A BIG GIRL NOW and so she said I should have a Bat Mitzvah and I remember once we had a bat in the house and it was funny watching the apes chase it around but she said this will be EVEN BETTER. Wally said we should have a bris for Oscar and that made him giggle but I DON'T GET IT. Why would OSCAR get something for MY BURPDAY! I hope I get some balls to hit with my Bat Mitzvah!


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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine and Cheese!

I am a bit down in the dumps. It has been busy around here. I've had to blog about the first 100 days (speaking of which, did you see me on the cover of the New Yorker?)

And then there was a SWINE FLU outbreak where my ma ape works and she didn't even get off work! I had to be alone all day! Well, with the peppy sheppys. But they're worse than swine flu.

I'm doing my part to help by eating the pig ears. I will eat the virus, I will eat it up!

I've been feeling a bit poorly, heart-wise, so this is a picture to summarize my week:

BUT! There is one bright ray of light. My bud Mango--who shares my affinity for ape stuffies and has to tolerate an obnoxious labradude brudder just like me--gave me an award! Thanks Mango Man!

Here's what it sez!

“This award is presented to those dog bloggers out there who know the meaning of GREATNESS. Their blogs are consistently interesting, funny, or informative. Their KINDNESS is extended to others without expectation of it’s return, and their FRIENDSHIP inspires others to do EXTRAORDINARY things. These are the blogs you can’t wait to read everyday. In short, they are AWE-INSPIRING, full of wonder, and simply PAWsome!Pass this award on to 4 others who you feel exemplify a “Paw”some Blog, and leave a note saying why you think they deserve the Pawsome Award!”

Here are my four friends!

Moose! He's an awesome lab who sometimes fosters labby friends--even when they eat all his toys-- and always has AWESOME pictures and good stories to tell. ETA: Moose's foster brudder TeddyNo! got adopted this week! Ha-roooo!

Marvin! Marvin is one of my oldest blogging friends and he and Jeanne always have great adventures and deep thoughts. And great tunes! And pomes! Marvin is a renaissance man! Also, he looks like my sissy.

Ike! Another oldie but goodie friend. He and his mom have really big hearts and just adopted and then lost a very sick cat. Ike, in addition to being really nice, is SUPER DUPER funny and always has new fart stories.

StanMan! Stan's an old friend too. I have a lot of old friends. While i am giving him the award he might as well share it with Stella too (hi Stellanator!). And Merv. And his GoobMaster mom who is TOTES COOL and always tells me how cute I am.

Picking just four friends is hard. Thanks for the award, Mango! You saved my week.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Hot Dogs!

It is hot. Like record breaking hot. What happened to the spring??? My brudder and I put our heads together.

Not much came from it. But here he is running up to me to bite me. And then I pretend to chase him and he runs all the way around the yard and back to me. It is a good way to exercise him with minimal commitment on my part but it was SO HOT here that he didn't even want to run.

Good thing or he might have baked his brain like my sissy here.

It was SO HOT that we had to go to the field super duper early to Beat the Heat; she apparently sleeps in. And when we were at the field look what we saw! I chased him and almost had him, were I about 25 feet taller, and willing to run for more than 15 feet. (Which is about how far I ran and I didn't even pass out--way to go me!)

And now I will show you my patented Beat the Heat Technique. Drop to the Ground!

Throw your feet in the air!

Shake it all around!

Too late! My brains are baked!

I had Fro Yo for dinner and slept in front of the fan. That's how the corgador beats the heat!

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

SPCA Saturday (Handsome Host Edition!)

This week there were many dogs and much heat so my ma ape could not take our her faves, Beast T. Beefcake and Andy (Tally Wally) but she took out many many dogs and she is LOOSE with her affections so I'm taking over SPCA Saturday to maintain the handsome benchmark:

So this is Jada who is the female Beast T. She is very sweet AND loves to RUN. She also loves loves loves other dogs. If it had not been so hot she and Beast T. might have had a playdate and then I might have had two more black and white hypermad sibs--NOOOOOO!

This is Diamond, a sorta shy pittie.

This is Elizabeth who was found with a whole litter of pups in an ice cream truck but not WITH ice cream which would be like puppy heaven. Poor dogaboos. My ma ape wanted to bring her home to be Elizabean. NOOOOO! She does not match the decor.

And this lovely girl is Marley who likes to play AND give smooches. She is a loverly chocolate color. And chocolate is bad for dogs. (Not at our house, ma ape!)

This is Sadie Ladie who is not fond of other dogs. She is part hound and probably American bulldog and she bays like a bloodhound.

And this lady Andrea is loads of fun and likes backrubs. And also runnin' free!

Meet Saliiiiiiiiiiiiiina! She is a very sweet girl who spent most of her time in my ma ape's lap because my ma ape is naughty.

And this dude was my ma ape's favorite. (Even though they are all her favorites because she is a bit slutty.) This is Lonney who has tiger stripes and the heart of a lion. If by heart of a lion you mean great big sweet pea. He has a big square head which my ma ape cannot resist.

OK, next week maybe all the dogs will be adopterated so my ma ape will be able to stay home with her MAIN MAN (ME!). Wouldn't that be GREAT!???

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