Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Looking or the Delaware SPCA?

If you are looking for the blog for the Delaware SPCA please visit http://delawarespca.blogspot.com

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A Moment of Silence

We'd like to take this moment to note the passing of
Paul the Psychic Octopus, who was quite successful in picking the winners in the previous World Cup. We will miss you, our many-armed friend, even if you did doom our beloved Netherlands.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Pit Boo Awareness Day!

Yesterday was Pit Boo Awareness Day and we went to the RALLY FOR HOPE at the Delaware SPCA! It was a motorcycle rally but I did not get to ride a hog even though I know the ladies wanted to see me in my leather chaps. Instead I went to the BBQ par-tay after the ride. I must say I did an excellent job of raising awareness, especially of my general awesomeness. I met many many friends including small children whose parents think I might eat their wee ones but I am totally gentle and nice and don't even knock them over with my big head. Here are some awesome friends:

This dude is a new at the SPCA but loves to be outside where he had maybe never really been before because he was totes scared.


No, puppies IN COSTUME scrum. Oh my.

I think this girl with the cow stuffie head was a zombie because she chewed on my jowls. True story.

Hubba hubba! This is Casper, the elderly greyhound. Her peeps were selling baby tees and greyhound coats! She was indifferent to me even when I offered to clean her nethers.

She spent most of her day relaxing. Smart lady!

Speaking of hot babes, this one came with the other rescue organizing the event, Companimals. She's wearing a Rally for Hope T-shirt, perhaps to keep me from her nethers.

And look at who I met! This is Narra. I'm good buds with her ape who was very nice and visited me on the regular while my ma ape was away this summer. She rocks as much as he does! We'll probably be besties because we have much in common because she is quite the athlete, just like me:

And her ape was selling some Art!

This bully boy is Ty, the resident boo-dog at the SPCA.

But the best part of the rally (other than ME) was BAR-B-QUE!!!

I hope you feel more aware already. I feel more hungry.

By the way, we will no longer be doing regular SPCA Saturdays here. Because they will have their own blog! Yeah, we're running an SPCA blog where we will share info about the dogs in residence! You can find it here. We'll let you know when we post things.

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