Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pups in Prison

Time Mag has a photo essay about programs in prison in which inmates raise pups, sometimes to be guide dogs or bomb sniffing dogs or sometimes just to train 'em (the pups and the inmates). Here's the website of the group running the program. Bet you can't stop from leaking!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Who's Your Uncle?

So this morning my ma ape was working away--tap tap tap on the computer--when she reached down to give me a pet and saw THIS on my pawpaw! (it's on the left, between my two toes).

It was a big red LUMP between my toes and so she packed me up in the car to go to the v-e-t. And the J.Ape had my RONDO so we had to take the old car. It needs new fool injectors (we have plenty of fools, just need the injecting) so it is always an adventure to see if the engine will fall out! I was so embarrassed.

And I was very disappointed to see that their scale is obviously broken.

I like to hide under the bench but the vet said he the tufts of fur into the room to find me.

And the vet came in and told my ma ape that it was probably a wee cyst and then he stuck a three, five, twenty inch needle in my pawpaw and out came PUS. It was PAWESOME. He said it is an interdigital cyst, common in labbie abbies. So, here is an anatomy lesson.

Intermediate sized sis-ter:

Interdigital cyst-er (post bloodletting):

It so happens that this problem puts me in good company with one of my best real world buddies, Jackson! (Coincidentally we also share the problem of annoying sisters and bratty brudders but that's another story for another blog)

The proper name for these thingies is Furunculosis/Furuncles which makes me n' Jackson FurUncles!

Ahhhhh. Two Fur Uncles, full of pus and vinegar.

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Did you know yesterday was a national holiday? In fact, it was one of our most important holidays: NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY! That's a holiday I can get behind.

My ma ape found a new kind of ice cream made by the people who make the commercial raw we sometimes get. She thought it would be good for us because it is sweet potatoes and molasses.

We approve of the packaging. The dog paws say PAWS OFF, APES!

One for Wally.

One for the Bean Man (who had polished his off before pictures could be taken.)

And one for Ethel. Two, actually. She dropped her first one and a certain bratty teen stole it.

Here is my review:

LIP SMACKING GOOD. (Though, my ma ape sez, obscene expensive so she's going to make it for us herself next time.)

Another satisfied customer.

If you did not celebrate then you probably should do so immediately. I declare it GLOBAL ICE CREAM DAY so all my dog bloggy friends around the world an have a cuppa ice cream.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dr. Wally T. Corgador, PhD.

The other day Rachel Maddow tweeted to me about a very good site called Who Pooped where you can get an online degree. As you can see, I am an excellent student and finished my degree in record time. Much less time than it took my ma ape to poop out her dissertation.

I wonder if I will get a car for graduation?

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