Monday, January 11, 2010

Wally's Wild Kingdom

My ape has had a serious case of the creeping crud and it has made her even lazier than usual! I know, that is really saying a lot. I believe she has boar flu and I think we know who the culprits are! (See my previous post). But I would like to take an opportunity to rebut some scurrilous accusations that have been made. Some commenters on my previous blog mentioned that I might resemble the heretofore mentioned boars which might explain why my ape was fond of them. Here is my side eye in response to that:

Here is a primer on the difference for those of you who clearly need glasses. Boars have BIG bodies and little heads:

Wallies have enormous heads and wee ickle bodies:

Boars have nasty looking tusks.

Wallies have sweet wee tongues:

Boars are goofy looking:

Wallies always have a dignified air about them:

Piggies befriend weird looking dogs and even apes:

While Wallies boss around weird looking dogs and slay monkey sticks:

Thank you for your attention in this important matter. Now go get your eyes checked.

Look like a boar. *snort*

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

SPCA Saturday (The Boaring Edition!)

Our company left on Thursday so we had to return to our regular schedule of my ma ape stepping out on me at the SPCA. But things were not normal at the SPCA as you will see!

This guy is named Barack. I don't know why they gave him that name but he did not have the calm, cool, collected personality of his namesake. He is a lot of fun, though!

OH NO! Wee ickle puppies! These are sheppy mixes. Pocket Peppy Sheppys!

I can just see they will grow up to be bratty siblings just like mine.

And here is Jughead II! He's doing great and may get to be neutered soon and that means he will be up for adoption!

And here's Big Boy! He is big fun. Someone butchered his ears.

This lady cried like a baby in the SPCA but played like a champ in the outside!

Here is Diamond a boxer mix! Wheeeee!

And then there were the ugliest dogs I've ever seen!!!!

These guys were seized as a part of a neglect case along with a whole buncha goats. They say they're potbellied pigs but they have tusks!!!

And this guy is multitalented. As Sophie pointed out, he is making himself an apple crisp.

This little guy was a bully and pushed around the bigger guys. Ma ape called him Wally. Not funny.

And they were all boys but they had a good time.

My ape thinks these dudes are CUTE!???!?! No accounting for taste. Of course, she likes the sheppys too. Ewww! See you next week. We'll keep you updated on the fate of the boar boys! (My ape says no ham sammich jokes! Humorless vegetarians!)

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