Friday, November 28, 2008

Husker Suh!

We're watching the MOST IMPORTANT game this year--Nebraska Hooskers vs. Colorado Stinky Buffa-lows!

My sissy is a little excited!

This morning we went to the field and we practiced blowing raspberries at Buffa-lows.

Sissy is good at it.

Oscar Bean, uh, doesn't quite get it.

And then we got to have us some BUFFALO BONES!

I had some buds to help me chew on mine. (Incidentally these apes look an awful lot like my naked apes.)

And with 1:30 left the Nebraska QB was SACKED taking them out of field goal range OR SO IT SEEMED! And then the Hooskers tried a 57-yard field goal it was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! I nearly passed out from the nerves!

And then the Buffaloes threw a pass and a defensive Boy named Suh INTERCEPTED it and RAN IT BACK for a TD! WE WIN WE WIN WE WIN!

Everybody ROACH FOR JOY!

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Seasons Eatings!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays combining FOOD and FOOTBALL. Mmmmm. One for eating, one for napping. Also the apes are home all day cooking tastyables. Oh was I ready.

Here's the spread for the apes. They ate (left to right) Apple/Pear/Walnut/Fake Snausage Stuffing and Sweet Taterables with Apples and Gravyables and Tofurkey with Vegetables n' Cherries. Yes, they are totes weird. And I keep telling my ma ape she could save a lot of time cooking if they went raw like us.

Here's what it looks like on the plate. I think my ma ape scores a 0 for presentation on Iron Wally.
And here's the spread for the dogables! (Scratch the gravy!) We got QUAIL from CANADA (yes, our dinner was almost more expensive than the apes'!) with a side of sweet taterables.

Oscar tried to sneak his too early. The quail (there are two here) look like mini turkeys!

Gobble gobble! Ethel ate the fastest and the ma ape couldn't get a non-blurry photo of her.

Bean Man was a close second and then the RUDE DUDE stole one of my quail so the ma ape had to steal it back (or part of it) right from his mouth! How rude.

Here I am taking my time and savoring the tastiness. Compliments to the chef!

I shared my tasty taters with my brudder. Good karma.

And tomorrow we get special treats because it is the most important football game of the YEAR because the Huskers are playing the stinkin' buffaloes so we're having buffalo bones!!!!!

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Happy Turkey Day!

From me and the snow ape: Happy Thanksgiving!

I would post more but I have many important things to do like supervise in the kitchen and exercise my jaws so that I can get down to some SERIOUS eating later.

And here is a preview of Thanksgiving dinner--a couple of turkeys!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008



For those of you not as versed in the Internet lingo as I am WFT is a Wire Fox Terror and FTW is For the Win!!! Last weekend I posted a picture of wee Scooby, a WFT at the SPCA. And then Patience suggested that we contact WFT Rescue and the Gus's Muzzer DID contact them. Scooby got adopted but then a SECOND WFT that was at the SPCA named Diesel popped up and today WFT came to rescue him! YAY! Thanks so much to the WFT peeps, especially Melissa who spent a lot of time finding transportation and a foster home for Diesel and to Debi who came to get Diesel today!

My ma ape was so excited she spent the rest of the afternoon walking the dogs who might not get to go out as much over the holiday and she walked two dozen dogs and didn't bring any home! (Not for lack of trying!).

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This week has been a fantastic week! I have made loads of new friends stopping by and it reminded me how I need to update my blogroll. And I met lots of new Wirey friends who were interested in my bud Scooby at the SPCA (rescue's on the way, bud!) but most exciting was the RETURN of two of my oldest friends!

The MARVIN MAN! And he is back and bloggier than ever! And his header picture is hi-larious! And check out his lovely Scotsman collar!

And completely out of the blue who comments on my blog but STUDLY DUDLEY! The Studster is one of the first friends I made on DWB and he was my first bromance and we loved to bask in each others' totally studly handsomeness and it would be awesome if we ever met because I bet we both snore like jackhammers. Come back, my stud! I miss ya, hunkahunka burnin' bulldog!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Wait a Minute!

After my ma ape came back from the dog park with Oscar Bean, Super Teen I took a peek at her pictures and look what I found!

My brudder is consorting with other short-leggers! It's one thing to hang out with the long leggers but a CORGI? Apparently he is the uncle of some of my other friends.

LinkJust remember, stupid teen, this is a HALF a Wally.

Full Wally.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dawn of the Dogs

On Sunday morning the sheps gather with their tennis balls and their smoky breath.

Not suspecting anything, they play their silly fetching games.

But in the distance, a storm is gathering.


When you least expect it.

The little man moves in on his prey!

Fast as lightning.

And he brings up the rear!

Graphic scenes blurred for the children.

And then the corgador busts up the fetchin' game.

Here's how you do it, fools!

Mission Accomplished!

When and where will the corgador strike next?


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