Saturday, April 04, 2009

SPCA Saturday (Dodging a Bullet Edition!)

Hello! Tall Wally Here! (Tally?) There was much danger at the SPCA! My NEW MOM almost went home with TWO dogs!!! But they both got adopterated before she could!

Here is bullet #1, a puppy (corgi mix?) named Bear. C'mon now. He's not THAT cute?

OK, maybe a little cute.

And this is Bullet #2--Max! He's an 8-year-old Scottie/Schnauzer (?) mix!

He looks like Wiry Wally!

This dog doesn't resemble Wally at all! She's Mama!

And this is Jazebel! (I didn't spell the name!) She might be a Teka impersonator in her spare time.

And here is Tiger who is a lot like a Tiger. If Tigers like to get lots of attention and snugs.

And who is THIS??? This is Ace, Oscar impersonator!

Scary, eh?

And look! We're alternate universe Wally and Oscar!

What dogs who look like other dogs will we see next week?? Not Tall Wally because surely I will be going to my new home ANY DAY NOW, LADY!

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ethel Blogs! Sisters Rule! Brudders Drool!

ETHEL IN THE HOUSE! Guess what I read TODAY in the NEWSPAPERS by which I mean the ONLINE MACHINE? Sisters are the greaterest! But don't take my word for it (though you could because I am a SISTER and we are AWESOME!), read about it: "Having a Sister Makes you Happier and Makes the Family Bond" This is totes TRUE! See HOW WE BOND!

Here's what SCIENCE sez:

Having a sister is good for your health, according to scientists.
Those of us who grow up with at least one sister tend to be happier and more balanced than those who have only brothers.
It is thought that girls get families talking, helping them to bond and encouraging members to reach their full potential.

Here I am helping my brudder fulfill his potential by NOT TOUCHING MY BALLLLLLLL!

Here is SISSY #1 just being AWESOME! Sister is doing it for herself!

And here is a SONG FOR ME about how AWESOME it is to be a SISTER!

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Winds of Justice

They blow in my ears but NOT apparently on the DOG BLOGS.

The JURY has reached a verdict:


He is free to doof another day.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Law(n) & Order

I call on you, the readers of my blog, to serve as jurors in this case in which the defendant is accused of high whines and misty meaners.

The accused:

The prosecutor:

The Public Defender:

The Judge (with Moose. With budget cuts we couldn't afford and judge AND prosecutor. Or a gavel.):

The victim: Ma Ape (photo approximation, actual victim in Witness Protection Program):

Here are court transcripts for you, the jurors, to consider:

Judge: Defendant, how to you plead?
Defendant: Not guilty by reason of Doofusatiude.

Judge: Mr. Prosecutor, the Evidence.
Prosecutor: For your consideration, photos of the victim immediately following the incident:

Prosecutor: How did you obtain these injuries?
Victim: The dogs were shouting at the neighbor dog. I tried to block them from the fence when the defendant...
Prosecutor: Could you point to him?
Victim: That one. That looks like a Doofus.
Prosecutor: Let the record show the victim identified the Doofus with his tongue sticking out.

Prosecutor: Then what happened?
Victim: He landed on my leg, tore my sock, and scratched my leg.

Judge: Any questions for the witness, defense?
Public Defender: I QUIT!
Judge: Please stop biting your client. Or at least bite him harder so he shuts up.

Closing Arguments:

Prosecutor: Dude's guilty as sin. Please convict and sentence him accordingly. Three years hard labor pulling me in a wagon and going to bed without dinner because I get his share.

Defendant (Now representing himself): I didn't mean to! I like to shout! Wally is short! What were we talking about???


Judge: Jurors, your instructions are to weigh the charges carefully and record your verdict in the comments. The judge will also be accepting bribes in the forms of meatables. Please deliberate carefully.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Have a Nice Fall!

My real life friend Narra sent me this article about how pets--mostly dogs-- cause 86,000 injuries annually by accidentally tripping their owners.

Yes, accidental.

Keep telling yourselves that.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

SPCA Saturday (Tall Wally Edition!)

Helloooo! Tall Wally back and better than ever. (But not yet living at Wally's my house. What's up with that??) I'd like to introduce you to some of my friends.

Meet Bruiser! A boxer-ish dude!

This is a beagley dude who came with a bag of toys! Awesome!

And this beagley dude is Mator.


And this shy guy is a sheppy mix of some manner.

And this is lady Gracie who likes to play and got herself all muddy! But she's still pretty!

And do you remember Beast T. Beefcake? He got to come outside to PLAY.

He wanted Oscar Bean, MY brudder to come out and play. But it was too muddy.

Yoo Hooo! Come get me!

Tall Wally OUT!

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