Saturday, September 20, 2008

SPCA Saturday Brought to You by Big Red!

Helooooooooooo! My name is BIG RED. Ok, really it is Oscar but I like to be called BIG RED. 'Specially if you call me that while giving me snacks and buttrubs! WOooooooo Buttrubs! Every weekend this lady comes to my house at the SPCA and walks the new dogs and then takes ME OUT and she gives me butt rubs and I give her the SLOBBERY KISSES. Mmmmm. She asked me to tell you about the SPCA DOGS that you could TAKE HOME, oK?

Let me introduce you to some of my friends! This girl is maybe a border collie mix. She doesn't have a name so let's call her BIG RED'S GIRLFRIEND. HAHA! She is a little shy but pretty calm. Unlike me! Haha!

Look! It is my friend BONES who needed new photos because when he came he was like Nicole Ritchie skinny and now he has meat on his BONES. He loves to play play play and get loads of the ladyattention.

He is a dog of many faces!

This girly girl is Mikayla and she is a pit bull like me! But smaller. But I think almost everyone is smaller than me.
She was really shy but she let that lady who pets me pet her and then she found out about the buttrubs and she gave up some of her slobber. Go Mikayla!

Look at THIS handsome fellow. He is a big Phillies Phan because they are comeback kids and they might even make the playoffs! WOOOOO PHILLEEEEEEEEZ.

Look what a great actor he is! He's pretending he's watching the Ryan Howard hit a HOME RUN to win the WORLD SERIES for the PHILLIES. SO EXCITING!

You can come adopt us any time or give $$ through the SPCA website or to your own shelter because I bet there are totes cool dudes wherever you are who also need help (though none are as cool as the fellow above, agreed?) Also next weekend is the SPCA FOR PAWS DAY! That slobbery lady is going to help take pictures of dogs who visit and sell VEGAN BAKED GOODS. What's a vegan and do they taste good??????

See you next Saturday unless I get ADOPPPPPTED! (Adopt me!)

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Planet of the AAAAAPES!

It's finally here! The MONKEY BOX REPORT! My ma ape sometimes calls us the monkey house because sometimes my baby brudder howls like a monkey. And yesterday--our house got FOUR NEW APES. Fortunately not naked apes!

It all began with a big surprise. A box at the door! From Oregon! And that means...BIG FOOT! No, that means GRAMMIE!

The box was taller than me so I let Oscar Bean open it up.

AND LOOK WHAT WAS INSIDE! AAAAAPES! There is a gorilla, a white gorilla, an orangetang and a chimp/naked ape hybrid (that must be why it is pink and wearing a t-shirt right?)

My brudder thought he could share. He could not.

The apes are WALLY'S DOMINION!

I piled up all the apes in the room and and tested them all out. And when my ma ape tried to use the gorilla for a pilla, I stole it back!

And look what else I found in the box! MARIONBERRIES.

And the note said that there was something in the box for the ma ape. And the ma ape was so excited because she does love her some marionberries, especially on her ice creams.

But she was clearly mistaken. I think this is what Grammie and Moco sent for her:

Thank you Grammie and Moco and Dawson and Foley and Edgar and Clara and Pappy! I'm the luckiest dog in the world. And I can't wait to take more pictures of me and my ape crew by the harsh light of day!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh. My. Dog.

Many things this week have been shocking. The collapse of several financial houses. Karl Rove saying McCain's ads went "too far." The makeover show on America's Next Top Model. But nothing could have prepared me for THIS excitement.

A box.

On our doorstep.

My ma ape was confused--she did order a new iPod shuffle but surely the box would not be so big.

Or from Oregon.

Oh. My. Dog.

You must wait to see because right now I am occupied with a BOX OF MONKEYS.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Do you see me dancing a jig of happiness!
Ohmydog I can't believe it!

I won a raffle over at Sam's place! That makes me a weeeeeener! I would not like to thank anyone but myself because, let's face it, I'm pretty awesome.

I'm hoping Sam can sneak into the box and mail herself to me. Oh that would be the sweetest gift of all!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Shepherd Saves Owner (ie, Dogs Rule!)

My friend katem sent me this story about a service shepherd who saved his person. The person he owns has seizures and the dog knows how to get out the special phone and call 911. I thought this story was especially cool because one of MY apes has seizures and maybe he should take me around with him as his service dog!

The shepherds in this house think they're something special but I could get out a phone and call 911, though first I'd get out the ape's plastic and order a pizza. Then call 911. I mean, I can't do my job if I'm weak with hunger.

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SPCA Saturday

Time for another installment of My Ma Ape is a Hoochie Mama. She has been giving away her affection for free again down at the shelter. Here are some of the dogs she met:

Lola, Lo-Lo-Lo-La-Lola. She is a Shi Tzu in need of a bath and a good home.

Here is the first of a series of white pit mixes at the shelter. They were ALL sweet and ALL cute! Unfortunately, the ma ape doesn't remember this dude's name in spite of his memorable bat ears.

This is STEWIE! He can fly. My ma ape learned about the springs in the feet when he suddenly lept up and and gave her a kiss on the face while she was standing up. Though my ma ape is vertically challenged so it is not that impressive.

Stewie can do some awesome faces, though.

This is shooter, a lab/chow? mix. He was a pretty nice dude who knew how to sit for snacks. What else do you need to know?

Brody is a chow mix with a BIG HEAD. And who doesn't need a dog with a big head?

Look at Emma! She can FLY! She is Emma Peel, British Superspy.

And who does this chin belong to?

REX! He's a boxer mix? And has pink spots on his nose. The cute!

And don't forget Big Red! He cheered on the Cornhuskers who whooped up on New Mexico State.

I know my friends at the Brat Pack are worried about some of the dogs in the Dallas/Ft Worth area because they are making room for hurricane dogs. We are thinking of all the homeless dogs and people left after Bad Ike (not Good Ike). Take care guys.

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