Saturday, October 04, 2008

SPCA Saturday (Brought to you by BIG RED)

Hellloooooo! This is an exciting week for both Big Reds--me and the Nebraska Cornhusker Big Red--because they are playing the Misery Tigers and it is so so so exciting.

Don't I look like a Mastiff here? I'm like Mango but I'm more huge, not as much relentlessly huge.

You wanna meet my friends who area available for adoption right now? This is Chevy! He's a purebred lab and he's all lab. Super friendly, playful, goofy, likes toys. He, uh, needs to work on his leash manners (and I should know, I've been known to be a shoulder de-socketer in my day).

This lovely lady does not have a name so let's call her Lil' Red.

She spent a great deal of her outside time in the Lady's lap, chewing on her hair and ear and nuzzling. In other words--yeah, she's sweet.

This is Bailey. She's a tripod! She was seized from a breeder along with two other Shar-peis. She is also quite sweet and girl can MOVE. You wouldn't know she had three legs if you saw her on the move.

She has some skin problems but she's still totally pretty, don't you think?

This is 305 who is also a Lil Red. She's totally sweet, too and a lot of people were looking at her so I hope she goes home!

Me, I'm waiting to be a walk-on for the Cornhuskers! Look at my mad ball handling skillz!

And I must have a lovely muscle butt because look at the lady pointing at it!

I've got moves! Recruit me, Huskers! I'll be a great player!

Also Wally asked me to include him so that the Obama Girls--who are looking for a rescue dog--will see him and want to adopt him. Dude! Don't bogart the homes! Maybe I could live in the White House! I'd even wear lipstick!

OK, this is Wally's blog so I'll just say--one dog per girl! Wally n' Big Red--1st dogs 4ever!

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Lazy Saturday Afternoon

We were up late Thursday night watching the debate and tonight we have to stay up to watch the Phillies and then the Cornhuskers who are going to BEAT some stupid Missouri Tigers!!! So we had a lazy Saturday afternoon.

A yawn to the right.

A yawn to the left.
And the corgador is fading...

Aaaaand, he's in dreamland...

Can you guess what the corgador is dreaming about?

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Judge Ma Ape!

This is gonna have to be short. My ma ape is totes busy because she has been doing JURY DUTY and man has it put her in a GREAT mood. Whew.

But I thought I would share news about Sunday's SPCA Fun Day that was a fundraiser for the Second Chance Fund at the SPCA. They got some good press in the local paper. And my ma ape polished up her judiciary skills for her impending jury duty by being a judge for the ugliest and cutest dog competition! (I was not allowed to enter as I would quite obviously be a ringer in the cutest competition.)

Up above is my ma ape's bud Ty who made the paper. Ma Ape was there when he was brought in by his owner who was afraid of him cuz he was aggressive and he grrrrrrowled at my ma ape but now he's a Frosty Paw lovin' lovely dude. And the shelter manager adopted him.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Feelin' Blue

My friend Gus has noted a decline in the quality of my blogging and I have to agree. I also have to note that this decline has coincided with the arrival of Guest Bloggers. Indeed, I am even getting squeezed out of my own photos. Look at my camera hog ma ape trying to get in the picture with me and totally spoiling my fierce vibe.

The truth is that I've been a busy dude over at my other Paw-lit-i-cal Blog Barking for Barack and this whole election thing is tiring. Here I am resting in my brand new dog bed also known as The Laundry Basket. Those clothes were clean but I improved them with my lovely scent and luscious body oils.

But I'm worried that if I neglect my blog then my readers will grow too fond of the guest bloggers. What's a busy blogger to do?

I'll sleep on it.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008


This is unprecedented! Wally told me I could blog for TWO DAYS. (Right now he is busy working on a buffalo bone so he really has the better deal.) It's BIG RED here and I have the greatest news EVER!

I have a girlfriend! And his name is Tuchuck!

See! He really really likes me!

It was Fun Day at the SPCA and the lady came and she helped run the photo booth and the Ice Cream/Frosty Paw Social! Look at my picture advertising the photo booth! HANDSOME!

And she made liver brownies--YUM. ANd they had a Guess the Fat Cat's Weight Booth. HAHA! FatCat! His name is Capone.

And she walked adoptable dogs around then she came and got ME and I was so scared I peed and didn't want to but then I met the new love of my life! Tuchuck's sister showed people how to do agility and then Tuchuck and I SCHOOLED everybody in how to have fun!

It mostly involves running.

And more running.

And some more!

And then a little bitey face.

Chuck and Big Red 4Ever!

Wally said I need to post a picture of his commentary on the situation so that you don't forget how totes cute he is:

He also said it is Randay and that some girl named Randi wants to take me home. He said that would make it the greatest Randay EVER. He has so many girlfriends. Maybe now I can have more than ONE!

I'd settle for one home, though. I'm outie!


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