Saturday, May 23, 2009

Something is wrong with our new car

The new car runs just fine but something snuck into the house via the new car.

The Wally Tamale is not happy.

Imitation is NOT FLATTERY.

Don't tell me how cute it is. Or how cute "Waylon and Wally" would be.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Help! Help!

I was going to show you how to catch birds like THIS (see previous post for explanation):

But then I went in the back yard and it is more like THIS:

Oh my dog angry bird convention! Seriously the birds are all in the back yard hooting and hollering and when we go outside they get all angry! HELP HELP!

Also looking for that picture I got distracted because I found out there is a Hitchcock Barbie which made me laugh. See?Now I have to go bite my ma ape because she says I look like Alfred Hitchcock but I don't know what she is talking about.

I'm not seeing it.

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My ma ape insisted that we post this mugshot and further pleas for information to convict these accused criminals.

See, we were outside when the ma ape heard the birds screaming and she saw US going CA-RA-ZEE under the tree. It turns out there was a wee bird that fell out of a next in the tree and was dying/dead. IT WAS EXCITING!!!!! But she was not very excited, especially when she had to pick him up and throw him away. So she said that she would drop charges if we apologize to the Robin and his Mom.

Sorry Robin.

And Batman, too.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have been slacking on the blogging front but it is only because I have been caring for the poorly. First my ma ape's car has been sick. Look at my impression of the Betty, the dying Feminine Mystique:

And then my ma ape got sick, though not her fuel injectors like with Betty. I diagnosed her with swine flu but she said something about Al Urgee and Cy Nuss. Here is my impression of my ma ape:

The photography around here has taken a real hit as you can see below. While this shot catches my good side (the rear!), alas there is a doof who has wandered into the shot.

And here I am showing off three of my remaining four teeth and someone blew the shot!

LinkStill cute, though.

So I will now do my bloggy version of Twittering to try to quickly catch you up on the news:

1) Betty has a replacement that I have not yet been in but it is the color of a Seattle Seahawk. Soon the interior will be coated with a thicker layer of dog fur for protection and comfort.
2) Here is a story about a police dog in Chicago who ran away because he was afraid of thunder but then he came back. SEE! All the bravest dogs are afraid of thunder. If that does not make sense to you it is only because you are NOT BRAVE.
3) I AM GOING TO HAVE VISITORS! Stan n' Sophie are descending on me next week! Ohmydog.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

SPCA Saturday (Smally Wally Edition!)

Hello! See this serious and intelligent face? Don't I look like Wally in Lhasa Apso form? I am MIKEY! Bringing you this week's SPCA Saturday! I am also like Wally in that when I am stressed I like to lie down. And I play hard to get. But I am also devastatingly handsome.

I am also like Wally in that sometimes I am all up in other doggy's bidness! This here is my bud Peanut!

Peanut is new to the SPCA just like me!

And yo! This is Doc! I was not in his bidness. Not cuz I didn't want to be but because his bidness was too tall. He's a totally sweet dude.

Oh! Here is Gizmo the Shi Tzu all up in YOUR bidness.

Gizmo is an oldie but goodie. Can you believe someone dropped off their oldie doggie at the SPCA cuz he was old??? NOT COOL.

Here's Princess. She is not fond of other dogs (understatement) so I am not in her bidness.

See this dude? He is BRUISER! I am not in his bidness either!
But that's cuz he's got a good friend, Mia, to be in his bidness! They came in together and they get so excited about seeing each other. Wouldn't it be nice if they could be adopted together?

And REGGIE who is a goofball! He's totally a scaredy cat cuz he was seized from a home where he was neglected but once you carry him outside he's a sweety. I would get in his bidness.

And Wally thought his friend Joe Stains would be especially interested in this lady who is a Boston Terrier but brindle like Ruby Bleu! But her name is SOPHIE!


Smally Wally is done being in your bidness now. I will probably not see you next week because the smally doggys always go FAST. Mikey Likey!

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