Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boys Drool (Ethel ROOOLS)

This is ETHEL and I am SO OVER the testosteroney baloney at my house. TOO MANY BOY COOTIES. I shall demonstrate.

Boys eat like filthy messy uncouth hogs like this:

Or this.

Girls eat all civilized-like.

Boys play dumb foolish games like this.

And do foolish macho poses like this.

Girls do awesome feats of athletic prowess like this.

Wouldn't YOU rather be a girl? This is why I will be enjoying some MARCH MADNESS but not stupid boys but GIRLS!! Because the Nebraska Cornhuskers are seeded #1 in the Midwest bracket of their tourney! GO BIG RED! We'll show those boys a thing or two about b-ball!

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Q&A Continued

Q (from Ike): Who is your girlfriend?
A (from Otis): Line up ladies! As you can see, I've been practicing with my brudder.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kiss me, I'm Otis!

'lo all! We were too busy drinking enjoying the out of doors that we forgot our Paddy's Day Post!

The sheppys were busy playing Fighting Irish dancing a lovely jig:

While I was busy supplying the tunes. Here is one of my faves because it has my name, Ms. Otis, and The Pogues:

Like their lead singer I have some awesomely gnarly teeth!


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Monday, March 15, 2010

Worldly Corgadors

Look what we found on the front page of MSNBC (duh, of course we read the news every day)! In the front--it's a corgador! Prolly saving Afghanistan.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mi Familia, By Otis

This is a part of an ongoing series to tell you more about me, Otis the POTUS. I will continue this series until OBST's jelly gets the best of him and he steals back the keyboard.

The question: Where do you come from? A shelter? Rescue? (Questions from Sketcher & Angel and Ike)

Well, I will give you a clue: I have been featured on SPCA Saturday before! Indeed you can read about my first appearance here! I came in with a bunch of other big pitties w/butchered ears as a part of a cruelty case.. We were there around the same time as Jughead, though I'm not related to him. Here's my first pho-to at the SPCA! And then, meet my sibbies! (All now adopted!)

Quin! He was the last to get adopted because he had heartworms and so he was at the SPCA for a long time. (This is top secret but Quin visited MY house but he was not fond of the sheppys so he decided not to stay).

This is brudder without a name (or a decent photo). He got adopted with a quickness.

And--hey!--it's my brudder Angus! He's a real looker.

And this gorgeous babe is Petunia. She came to the SPCA with a very special gift.

BABIES! (And I assert now they are NOT MY BABIES).

Even if they are nearly as handsome as my fine self.

We were all signed over to the SPCA by our superbad owner but I was there for a long time because I had a bellyfull of worms and infected eyes AND ears AND skin and then when they neutered me, well, there was swelling of a most unbecoming sort. But then I was adopted out! This is me just before my adopteration (and 15+ pounds less than I am now)!

And last Monday the ma ape visited the SPCA. She was walking dogs and thinking about getting a wee puppy to bring a little joy into her life. But there I was, having just been returned by my adopters who said they "didn't have time for me." And so, instead of a baby, she came home with something better! An arthritic, gassy, slightly smelly 10+ year old dude. When the ape went through the archives to see my earliest appearances, she found this post in which Wally called me his brindle brother. And if you read the comments, many of you had premonitions that I would wind up in this very house.

Maybe Wally knew that some day I'd wind up at his house because his ma ape sure has a weakness for old men with great expressions. And big ass heads brains.

Miss ya, brudder from the same ma ape mudder, as Randi said.

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