Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ape in the Doghouse!

Our ape has been SO super lazy and hasn't been helping us update our blog. And she's been going to the SPCA to take pictures but she hasn't EVEN done SPCA Saturdays. What would Wally say? Well, we'll give you a clue as to how order breaks down when the ape isn't on her game.

Otis's family is still at the SPCA. LOLOL!

And the appropriately named VIXEN has been testing the limits of pit/pig friendships.

We have been performing various scientific tests such as how many dogs fit on the snuggle ball? (That's Ethel on the left, Boar on the right).

But only one and a half boys.

And we spend at least two hours a day practicing our wrestling skills and so Otis spends most of his days with a wet head and smelling like the inside of my mouth (which is like heaven, trust.)

And I am very very loud when I play, growling and barking and generally making a racket.

This is the sound Otis makes:

And while when he arrived Otis seemed very old and stiff and tired he is, in fact, full of piss and vinegar just like us! He lost a little weight and now he thinks he's a pro athelete!

And if we get noisy and obnoxious enough we lure Ethel in to break us up! Officer Ethel reporting for buzzkill duty!

But now our blog is going to be EVEN MORE NEGLECTED because our ma ape is going to this land called SAN FRANCISCO. We did some research about it on the internets and everything we learned about it came from right wing blogs because they do love to talk about it. We learned it is ruled with an iron fist by this lady.

And it looks like this!

And this!

We don't know if she will be coming back for us!

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