Thursday, September 11, 2008

Half a Corgador in Need!

UPDATE: My ma ape contacted the owners of this dog with info about area rescues and they said they have gotten lots of good options so we're just hoping that they choose a good option (ie, new home!) and not a bad option (euthanasia). My ma ape was sure to let them know that 7 is not so old! I was 7 or 8 when I adopted her, after all!
A dog in need is a friend indeed.

My ma ape got an e-mail that the owners of this supersweet 7-year old lab named Lenny are going to have him euthanized if they can't find a home for him because they can't find an apartment that will take him. If you are interested please e-mail me asap! We can even help transport him if you're not in the Delaware area! He loves to swim and is good with kids. He's fully vetted! Please help!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wally Tamale's Guide to the I-90 Corridor!

I live on the I-90 Corgador, er, Corridor! Sophina La Brador's Ape is contemplating a trip down my way and asked--D.C., Philly, or Pittsburgh? I have to admit that I've never been to Pittsburgh but if it is good enough for Sherman, it is good enough for me! It is home to the favorite team of the Shermanator AND Joe Stains:

They should do something about those flaming helmets. That doesn't look safe and I'm fairly certain it violates NFL regulations.

As for D.C., this is a good time to visit because soon the Pawliticians will be heading home to campaign/raise money/plan their "End of Our Long Nightmare" parties. D.C. has lovely things to do like visit our nation's capital, the Smithsonian, Dick Cheney's Man Sized Safe, the National Gallery of Art, the Holocaust Museum, the Museum of Women in Arts, the International Spy Museum, the Newseum and the National Portrait Gallery--though I think they are no longer displaying Stephen Colbert so why would you want to go? Since it is not peak tourism time there should be hotel rooms--cheap! My ma ape had a great time when she was an intern there in the late-90s. And she didn't even get any stains on her dresses! While you are there perhaps you could restore honor and dignity to the White House!

Philly, on the other hand, has many things to offer OTHER than a depressingly high rate of violent crime. There is a nice Art Museum, the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at Penn, ROCKY!, Cheesesteaks, Monk's, the African-American Museum, and Mayor Nutter (seriously! That's his name!) (P.S. Cheesesteaks are mingin'!) If you're into American history there's a TON of stuff like the Liberty Bell and the Constitution Center and you can visit Ben Franklin's old home and the hole in the ground where he used to poo (no word on who picked it up). And perhaps most awesome is the Mutter Museum of Medical Oddities with highlights like Grover Cleveland's secret tumor!

Philadelphia also benefits from being in close proximity to one Wally T. Corgador. You can probably read my Pee Mails from there!

Delaware also Biden? Blue Hens? Toll Booths? Your ape could always come back with perhaps the greatest gift EVER!

BIG RED! He has the same haunting green eyes as Ms. La Brador. Don't you think they'd look keen together? As brother and sister, of course.

This has been Wally's Guide to the I-90 Corridor! PBS! Gimme a travel show!

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No More Diets!

My Onkel Eric, a Thinker of the Highest Order, sent me this article about how it is not my habit of snacking on, um, anything that is making me fat. it is all the thinking I'm doing!!! See!

It turns out that performing mental tasks, like trying to solve problems while working at a computer, stimulates the appetite so much that people tend to eat significantly more calories than they burned while performing the "knowledge-based" tasks.

I have evidence to back up this story! My baby brudder is the skinniest in the house while I have the BIGGEST BRAIN!

The diet does NOT start tomorrow--I've got thinkerating to do!

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

SPCA Saturday!

Yesterday Tropical Storm Hanna visited and fortunately she did not bring Havoc, just loads of rain. So SPCA Saturday was damp! But not too damp to meet some new dudes!

This is Bones, an American Bulldog who was skin and bones! But now he's put on some pounds and is totes cute and is a favorite of the staff because he's very mellow and sweet. And also--snaggletooth!

This dude is a pit bull who doesn't have a name yet. He's full of vim and vigor! He needs to learn some leash manners but he's a nice dude.

This is Ghost, a teeny tiny terrier! The shirt says "Property of the Dog Pound."

And it was pouring rain but my ma ape had to get out her best bud Big Red! He's getting a little skittish at the shelter but he loves to get out and play, interrupted only by bouts of back scratching!

The many faces of Big Red! He's very excited about Big Red football and was wondering if perhaps the team could use a mascot. He will love you into submission!

All of these dogs (and more!) are available at the Delaware SPCA. Sadly they are really full right now and need to get some dogs and cats adopted!

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SPCA Shepherd Palooza!

We will have a regular SPCA Saturday but while my apes were there a guy came in with TWO white shepherds and the shelter is full and they just don't have space for two dogs. So my apes knew they had to call their friend (aka Patron Saint of Sheps) who does shepherd rescue (and who rescued Oscar Bean Super Teen so we will have to get back at him for that).

They were sweet dogs but their owner had no idea how to control them--so now they're in rescue with new names--Rick and Ilsa!

Check out my girl Narra's blog and she can tell you about them--including how they could live at YOUR HOUSE!

P.S. I feel very fortunate that we rent and had no more room at our house.

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