Friday, June 17, 2011

Little Monster

Our Mac crashed while making this video so we cannot say what will happen to you when you watch it:

Please help.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

.Foxy News

This weekend we at sheppy news received a video of unknown origin leaked to us by anonymous sources that we are unable to name because they already have a reputation as a snitch (Edgrr.) The video contains adult material so be sure to watch it in slo-mo.

The Yawngressman has released the following statement:

I apologize I have hurt those who love me the most and I have let down the order of the gentlemen with ties. I promise to be more careful in the future and not raid the beer cooler around company. I will be going to rehab shortly. Please respect my privacy in this difficult time. (Will still be tweeting junk shots.)

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Visitor from the North! (Better than Santa Claus!)

Do you recognize that rug? It's ours.  Do you recognize that dog? IT'S SOPHIE BRADOR!

We did not send her our rug. SHE CAME TO US!  She is taking her ape on a North American adventure and she stopped in Deli Where to visit us!

Otis and Edgrr put on their best finery (ties!) and picked up S&S at her hotel.  She rode in our car and didn't even complain when Ed barfed in the car!

Someone was kind of of ubernaughty and had to hang out in his crate.

But someone was kind of sweet on Miss Sophie and slept cheek to cheek with her.

And here we are waiting for Sophie's ape who is in the washroom.  You can also see our buds Tuchuck, Narra, et. al's ape hanging out on the floor.  Sometimes he wishes he was a dog, we think. We'd make him part of our pack for sure.

And here is Sophie's ape tickling Otis with her toes!  He loved it!  (She also fed him potatoes.  He loved that too.  But then she commented on his gas.  Nobody loved his gas.)  But one dog loved Sophie the MOST.

Ethel Jean, Girl Power Queen!  I don't always like other girls but I loved Sophie!  We hung out and ignored each other and were otherwise beautiful, wonderful girls.  Not like those rambunctious boys.  In fact you will notice that I have handed down the SHOUTY SHOUTY mantle to my brudder Ed because I am a MATURE LADY LIKE SOPHIE. (OK, a little shouty.)

We are both so beautiful you should probably not look at our pictures for too long lest you be blinded, like looking into the sun.

 And some boys made fools of themselves panting over Sophie and were otherwise not befitting of their bowtie finery.  (There is some embarrassing video that may be leaked to the media later).

But there was no humpery for the girls.  We had scintillating conversation.

And we even chatted about that Doofus Tan Torkelson. (We can't WAIT for him to get a new brudder to pester).

Thanks for visiting us and have a great trip Sophie!  (This is her wink to me.  We're totally going to sneak out and go on a girls' road trip.  First stop? Picking up Randi the Labnewf for more GRRRRRL POWER.)

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