Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Editors:  We have agreed to let Edgrr blog lest he become insufferable trying to convince us to blog about this.  We apologize in advance.

A site I read all the time to keep up with the ladynews, JEZEBEL, hosts MARCH MADNESS! Last year it was Cake v. Pie with Cheesecake winning for PIE in a  CONTROVERSIAL victory (it's called a CAKE but it has a CRUST!). But this year it was CATS v. DOGS.  Oh yes.  I enthusiastically checked my bracket every every day. 

And I followed the heartbreaking losses (pit boos defeated by Goldens--WTF? Mutts lose to Dachshunds?) But the final outcome was PERFECT!

And DO YOU SEE??  ONE DOG TO RULE THEM ALL!  I know that I am enshouterating but this makes us kings of the WORLD!

Look!  I collapsed after the big win and stopped moving for 5 seconds which is a record for me!

 You can see why we are MOST AWESOME.  I don't just own the toys I OWN THE BUCKET.

And you better believe THE APES ARE ALL MINE.

Ain't afraid of no pit boos!

Ain't afraid of no peppy sheppys! 

And I might get knocked down.

But you better believe I get right back up and HUMP IT!

And Otis's girlfriend Mesa was kind enough to recognize my AWESOMENESS by sharing this!

To conclude:

(And just in time for the government shutdown!  LOOK OUT! WE'RE TAKING OVER!)

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