Friday, October 21, 2005

why not?

beer for dogs. enough said.

echo chamber?

now, as the title of my blog suggests, i am a dog. and we respond well to repetition. after the 120th time you tell me to sit and i get a snack as soon as my butt hits the ground, i'm on my bottom as soon as the "s" is out of your mouth and my saliva glands start working. i was unaware this appears to be a means of training naked apes as well. this collection of clips deploying the new catchphrase "the criminalization of politics" has been floating around the internets. presumably, this is the coordinated media effort by the right to defuse the recent convictification of their party.

you'd think the media--and the administration/rnc--might be a little press shy after being spanked by a panel that determined that the pay-for-print deal the administration made with journalists like armstrong williams and margaret spellings (what, no dogblogs?). some observant folks at facing south have noticed another pattern in the news media--unattributed editorials printed as if they were the viewpoint of the newspapers in which they appear.

One of the smartest things President Bush did to reduce recovery costs in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita was to suspend Davis-Bacon Act rules in the hardest hit states. But Congress is frantically trying to overrule the president, which would add billions of dollars to the already staggering recovery costs.

either the monkeys they have writing at these newspapers all simultaneously typed the same thing, this is a massive plagiarism case, or their o.c. based ownership is up to some shady business.

when conservatives hear "deregulation" do you think they drool?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

happy to be a con(servative)

look! tom delay on his way to the big house (read the warrant here)! and he looks happy as a clam. i hope he's been watching old episodes of oz to learn about important things like how to make a shiv from a piece of soap and how to avoid becoming a prag to a guy who will carve a swastika in your bottom. though, really, that sounds like the kind of thing ole tom would be doing to other people. good luck hammer (too legit to quit!). and next time don't file a lawsuit against the prosecutor until he has quietly booked you in private. have you been practicing a dignified perp walk?

can't wait to compare your mugshot to scooter libby's (is he a dog? because scooter sounds like a dog's name, not a grownup naked ape), karl rove's and maybe even ole dick cheney (he eats puppies, you know).