Thursday, October 20, 2005

happy to be a con(servative)

look! tom delay on his way to the big house (read the warrant here)! and he looks happy as a clam. i hope he's been watching old episodes of oz to learn about important things like how to make a shiv from a piece of soap and how to avoid becoming a prag to a guy who will carve a swastika in your bottom. though, really, that sounds like the kind of thing ole tom would be doing to other people. good luck hammer (too legit to quit!). and next time don't file a lawsuit against the prosecutor until he has quietly booked you in private. have you been practicing a dignified perp walk?

can't wait to compare your mugshot to scooter libby's (is he a dog? because scooter sounds like a dog's name, not a grownup naked ape), karl rove's and maybe even ole dick cheney (he eats puppies, you know).


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