Friday, October 07, 2005

out in the blogosphere

for those who think i've been lazy (or lazier) this week on my blog, i've been quite busy over at my onkel eric's blog posting comments. i had to defend him against the attack of someone who thinks he is unethical for posting things for his students on his blogs next to political commentary (like "dog pees on bush") because onkel eric teaches impressionable young chicago college students. how funny of him to think that anyone listens to literature professors!

also irresponsible of onkel eric: posting warnings against gluttony (evidence of his anti-capitalist, red tendencies--i even hear my autie ira is not even american!), extended discussions of obscurantist literature like beckett that are surely meant to lull his audience into a sleepy but suggestible state, and support for poet sharon olds who has declined an invitation to a white house dinner in an act of treason that will surely bring down the republic. for shame, onkel eric.

i have posted, for comparison purposes, a picture of onkel eric and of a certain communist agitator. to gitmo with him! and by him i mean my onkel eric, not leon trotsky who already got an ice pick to the head and really ought to be commended for inspiring the grooming choices of disaffected young graduate students around the world.

also, i was giving my granny, who is a fitness fanatic in hopes of keeping up with her favorite (ie, me), some yoga tips that i found here.


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