Thursday, September 15, 2005

animals 1, humans 0

the sea lions are taking back the coast!

Think of them as amphibious sumo wrestlers. A pack of rowdy sea lions has invaded Newport Harbor, sinking boats, thrashing docks and, with their nonstop barking, turning residents into sleepless zombies.In a scene that has played out up and down the West Coast, the whiskered creatures are charming tourists but exasperating local officials, who are considering a bizarre array of methods to thwart the federally protected mammals. Tonight, the Harbor Commission will discuss the situation, which took on added urgency after 18 sea lions piled onto a 37-foot sailboat this month and sank it.

i'm a big fan of sea lions myself given that i too am a masterful swimmer, love to eat fish, and i am awkward on land. i was confused by this part of the story, though:

The sheriff's harbor patrol has been fielding at least two noise complaints a day, Sgt. David Ginther said."A barking dog doesn't hold a candle to this. It's like 40 barking dogs — in SurroundSound," grumbled Balboa Peninsula resident Darci Schriber.

who wouldn't want to listen to 40 barking dogs? well, i guess not all dogs have a melodious voice like mine.

good luck sea lions. and may the best beast win.


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