Friday, September 02, 2005

more football follies

has outrage about the hotel situation (including outrage from blogging dogs) prompted a change to the hotel policy in tallahassee where football fans were about to bump evacuees from their rooms? the tallahassee democrat has taken down a story about the possible booting and has replaced it with a hotel hotline to help people find rooms.

according to a story on msnbc, the hotel fiasco may not be entirely the hotels' fault:

In Tallahassee, Fla., a big college football weekend awaits. There is concern hotel space might disappear for Katrina victims since Florida law requires hotels to honor all reservations. The hotels have been booked for weeks, with Florida State playing its opener against Miami and Florida A&M hosting Delaware State.

because florida laws have not caused us enough headaches in the past.

the university of alabama (also playing this weekend) has been contacting ticket holders asking them to surrender their hotel rooms. i certainly hope the florida schools have done the same. unfortunately, when i went to their web sites (which i shall not link to due to my moral and personal opposition to their football teams--go huskers) i saw no mention of it even on the unfortunately mascotted miami hurricanes' site. (yes, i just verbed a noun. i'm a dog. i'm not bound by your naked ape rules.) UA did mention the request on theirs.

maybe king kaufman at salon is on to something with at least considering cancelling or postponing sporting events--especially in affected areas. it would at least spare my huskers the possible shame of losing to maine, the division I-AA team they bravely scheduled after their 5-6 season last year. (no disrespect to my I-AA blue hens who have put up much more respectable results of late than my huskers).


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