Sunday, September 11, 2005

a good football weekend

i had a great weekend taking in the football. i love football because i love watching my naked apes yell at the tv (they know it won't answer back, right?) and sometimes i get snacks. it all started on friday when the o-h-i-o bobcats upset pitt in overtime. some of you may wonder why i'm rooting for a team with a cat for a mascot. well, in addition to my good pals glenn and amy (good belly rubbers) coming from o-h-i-o, mister frank solich, who was fired by my beloved huskers two years ago is their new coach. this could be interesting since the huskers, frank's old team, is playing pitt next weekend. if coach callahan, nebraska's new "coach," loses to pitt, heads are gonna roll in nebraska. frank is probably too polite to celebrate his old team's failures but the rest of us will have a good chuckle at the jackass athletic director's expense.

speaking of huskers, they won too! i can root for the huskers while also having schadenfreude about their jackass coaching choices, ok? logical consistency is for the naked apes. anyway, they beat wake forest with three of their four touchdowns scored by the DEFENSE. so much for the high powered west coast offense. (i come from the west coast. fortunately i am much more successful).

and the ud blue hens ALSO won in overtime in a nailbiter over lehigh. there was much nailbiting and screeching at the tv. we dogs know how to keep our games in perspective. unless they involve my friend mocha.


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