Wednesday, September 28, 2005

is that you, sister?

a fan of mine (my friend sophie's dad!) brought to my attention the recent broadcast of car talk in which a dog was the star (of course!). a woman from seattle called in to discuss replacing her seatbelt which had been destroyed by her dog. the dog? a corgi/lab mix she mistakenly identified as a "laborgi." our proper name is CORGADOR. what piqued my interest further was that the dog was in fact from wenatchee, washington. that is in central washington as is yakima, washington. for those of you unfamiliar with my past, i was picked up on the streets of yakima and eventually wound up at three rivers rescue in snoqualmie where they often bring dogs from central/eastern washington to seattle where they are more likely to be adopted.

now, according to the fine folks at three rivers, they had seen a number of very attractive, even stunningly beautiful (like me), corgi mixes from the central washington area. i can only conclude that either 1) my father was a corgi and a bit of a lothario 2) there is an intelligent designer who FINALLY created the ultimate being and is slowly populating the earth with us, starting in washington state. or maybe both. so the seatbelt munching pooch may be my long lost sister or half sister.

so gnaw on, my famously naughty sibling!


Anonymous Jeremy said...

Hello, that was my wife on car talk, talking about our dog. I just happened upon your site just now. We meant no offense by calling her a laborgi instead of a corgador (although I still like the name laborgi better).

Unfortunately, our dog looks little like you. I think she's quite a bit smaller (~25 lbs) and her ears stick up like a corgi's instead of flopping down like a lab's. You can see pictures of her

Fortunately for us, she hasn't decided to gnaw on any more seat belts (or anything else, actually).

We drove all the way out to Wenatchee from Seattle to get her from the shelter there. She was too cute to resist.

11:47 PM  

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