Monday, September 26, 2005

Born Free!

this morning my local fox affiliate (which i watch because they have fox fursday--dedicated to adopting out homeless animals) ran a highly important news story about an 1,800 pound steer that escaped the slaughterhouse and is now roaming south jersey. police were able to nudge him off the road to prevent accidents but have thus far been able to catch the gigantic but apparently elusive animal. i tried to google the story but have found no confirmation (good old fox reporting!) but i did find that this is not an unusual occurence, especially in new jersey--in 2004 a steer, since renamed Liberty--escaped from a Halal slaughterhouse and ran across the street to the business of a woman who happened to be a partial vegetarian.

and here's a particularly amusing story from detroit.

while i personally have no particular objection to tasty beef i do love it when the beasts outwit their captors. ah, the taste of freedom.


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