Thursday, September 15, 2005

my new friend

as you can see, i made friends with a new naked ape last weekend. sophie likes eating, napping, playing, and being the center of attention. these are things i happen to enjoy, too.

you naked apes aren't so bad when you're little.

you don't listen so well, though. why'd you listen to your mawma when she said "don't feed the dog your sandwich" when i told you "feed me that sandwich, sophie!"

i like this picture because i look huge.


Anonymous gmack said...

Hey Wally,

You DO look huge in that picture. But tell me: if both you and Sophie like to be the center of attention, how can you both like each other?

11:49 AM  
Blogger wally said...

dear gmack,

simple. she is an amateur while i am a professional. i don't see my status as center of attention threatened by a mere naked ape. and, cute little naked apes grow up to be ugly grown-up naked apes but dogs remain cute and cuddly their entire lives. it's our evolutionary adaptation to keep you naked apes in our service. when will you learn gmack?


10:49 AM  

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