Friday, August 14, 2009


I am not a happy dog:

1) the ma ape misplaced her camera and did not charge the battery so there are no new Wallyphotos.
2) My FORMER Eagles signed Michael Vick to a multimillion dollar deal. Grrrrr.
3) I had to eat kibble for breakfast.

But there is a ray of light. The Brat Pack's mom posted the most beautiful thing in the world.

Can I clean your ears, Sam?

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can you hear the bunnies screaming?

So today something happened. My ma ape was taking us outside and I was pokey going up the stairs, as happens when you are of a certain age like my ma ape. And she heard SCREAMINGLinkup ahead and peppy sheppys RAGING and they had a BUNNY! And the ma ape VROOOOOOOOOMed across the yard, arms waving, screamingshoutingyelly. And then the sheppy dropped it and it ran out of the yard. (The ma ape was moving too fast to notice which sheppy did the deed)

So my Onkel Eric sent my ma ape this link, F**king Delicious: Animals, Foodstuffs, Gratuitous Profanity, to remind her that nature is red in tooth and claw. Also for the food porn and swears. See:

And look, they even had a picture of my ma ape nomming her salad!

The ma ape said we are NOT helping by trying to catch our own din-dins. Some people are SO ungrateful.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Horror!! The Horror!!

On Sunday I had to take a b-a-t-h. It was sad for me. I don't fight it so much but I don't like it. I've only had two of them because I am ordinarily a really clean guy. But since I have had several requests for Wet Wally photos here I am!

It is hard to take photos WHILE giving a bath, sez ma ape, especially with Wiggly Wally. (There are no photos of Wet Oscar for this reason).

But I have some very exciting news which is that my bathtime was not just for the new house but for GranNE who will be visiting me in ONE WEEK! I am hoping she brings me Omaha Steaks and Cornhusker gear.

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Monday, August 10, 2009


The ma ape said that everything going into the new house has to be clean. Including dogs. So the boys had bath day on Sunday.

I'M SO MAD! I'm the cleanest dog EVER and I bathe myself EVERY DAY (which is more than I can say for the ma ape). Grrrrr.

I'm not letting her upload the photos of me in the kip getting a bath. More later.