Saturday, May 24, 2008

Alternative Universe Dogblog!

Do you remember US? WILLIE AND OTHOL! Chillin' at the DSPCA!

We are High-Jacking this blog again! I don't know who this Jack fellow is but he must be fun, letting us steal WALLY'S BLOG like this. Haha! And look! I stole his ma ape:

Othol stole Ethel's Tongue!

I even stole Wally's Humpty Dance! The Humpty Dance is a chance to do the HUMP!

Would you like to meet some of my friends? This dude is Trigger. He failed his temperment test so they're looking for a sanctuary to take him:

But he seems pretty nice. Here he is letting this little stray dude bite his nose off! This little dude has got some MOXIE (maybe because he has no need for neuticles if you catch my drift!):

Look! Willie and Othol again!

Rear View!

This is Brew, like Beer! He's an older gent who has a lot of lumpies:

And Lycan who is really scared until he gets used to you. He was scared of the little dude with Moxie, though:

And check out some Pickles!

More Willie and Othol!

Would anyone like to adopt these dudes so we can steal their apes??!!!!???

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Medical Miracles

Someone call the pope because I'm ready for my sainthood. The vet has diagnosed me with a medical condition called BEING A MIRACLE. But I get ahead of myself. I'd like to tell you about my visit to the VET.

So, first my vet's scale is BROKEN.

That is, um, my sissy's weight and not mine. I swear. I'm not in the picture so you can't prove anything.

Second, they made us wait in a room and look at the posters on the wall:


A little heavy-handed DON'T YOU THINK??? So my sissy gets totes nervous at the vet and she likes to sit on my ma ape:

And this is her nervous face with her funny ears:

She also snuggles with me for safety but we are defenseless before the NEEDLE OF DOOM.

But I was totally polite and the vet said I am always the SWEETEST DOG. And I was polite and left him this pile of fur to remember me by:

So in addition to spending my ma ape's tax refund we got some great news. My heart sounds WONDERFUL. And the vet said that he's never seen a dog with a heart that was as bad off as mine live for more than a year. And I'm TWO YEARS past the time when I was diagnosed with a BIG HEART. Now I just have a murmur. Can you guess what my heart is murmuring?

This is the face of a miracle:

If you would like to know the secret to my self-healed heart it is:

1) the greaterest friends on earth
2) loads of beef heart
3) regular roaching
4) the love of (a) good dog(s) (you know who you are)

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Four Things

I would like to share four things with you.

1. One of my apes is out of town for the week.

I'm roaching because it means extra me and mawma time! It also means that when we get up early for walk-a-rinos we can dance and sing really loud without waking anyone up.

2. Gus thinks I'm erudite.

Teka told me so. Actually she told me that Gus said I'm Airudite. And I thought she meant Aire-u-dite and it is true that I am an Airedale magnet (and I HAVE an Airedale magnet--thanks Stan!). But my ma ape informs me that erudite means that I am clever and witty. So true, Gus. So true.

3. My sissy is the MOST GROSS.

First--look what I'm doing in the background there. Ha! But sissy is the most gross. Because Sunday we went to the field and the ma ape said if we were good we'd get an extra special breakfast. And we did! I got a STEAK and sissy got TWO STEAKS. And I chewed mine but sissy did not chew hers and five minutes later she went into the living room and barfed up two UNCHEWED steaks. Totes gross, sissy! (P.S. We did not eat them. I have barf-o-phobia and I hid under the end table out of grossed outedness.) I would like to think it was the cosmic injustice in steak distribution that caused her vomitousness.

4. V-E-T!
We have to go to the vet this evening to get shot. We are not pleased. Ma ape says quit whining it's just a check-up. Easy for her to say. No one's going to put things in HER bottom and stick needles in her leg to steal her blood.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

By Pupular Demand

It has been raining for about 500 days straight. And I used to live in Seattle so I am used to the rain. This is rough, dudes. It has given me the opporchancitunity to take some more pictures of me with my hair did, as per the request of some of my biggest fans.

When I come inside I smell especially good.

And my ma ape loves it when I dry myself out on her yoga mats.


Here I am in my post-damp fuzz face:

And, just because, my bunny butt:

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Intervention Needed

I believe it is time for a serious sit-down with my ma ape who is spending too much time at the SPCA. And every week she falls in LOOOOOOVE. She needs some help. Here are some of the beasties she brought home pictures of.

This is Oscar who is a little bit Doofus.

With just a touch of Ike. (He peed on that box a dozen times.)

And look at this fancy lady! Her name is Chelsea and she is all lady. She's got a big head, compact body and loves things that squeak. She's like Wally in negative!

Boing! Boing! Boing!

And this lady is very sad. She was seized from an ultrabad owner with an especially bad case of Aholis Owneris. She was starving with no water and she has skin problems. My ma ape is trying to find a boxer rescue to take her. She's an oldie but goodie. My ma ape has a soft spot for the oldies.

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