Saturday, February 03, 2007

great apes love bears!

an oregonian orangutan has picked the bears for the super bowl--just like one of my other favorite apes, onkel eric in chicago:

PORTLAND - Will the Chicago Bears win Super Bowl XLI? Inji the Oregon Zoo's orangutan matriarch thinks so.

She seemed to be a little uncertain at first, starting to put on Colts T-shirt. But as they say, it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.

Inji tossed aside the Colts shirt and reached for the Bears logo. She put it on with no second thoughts.

Overall, Inji is 6-3, correctly predicting two Civil War games and four Super Bowls

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Friday, February 02, 2007

a coupla knuckleheads

earlier this week when i posted about my naked apes' gastronomical adventures miss sunshade had the brilliant idea that they might feel better if they watched us chew on bones. great idea! here we are with beef knuckles.

hard at work and we don't even fight over our treasures.

i give my bone a little kiss (with tongue).

paw lickin' good.

an aerial view.

thanks for the suggestion miss sunshade! we may get bones for the stupor bowl, too. mmmmm. i wonder what colts bones taste like!

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nesting strategies

we have five dog beds and two dogs in our house but sometimes a boy just has to make his own nest. my mawma always asks me if i'm having babies because i spend a LOT of time nesting. yeah, i WISH. i'm not preggers but do love a good nest. my favorite next material is dirty clothes. i love to get them out of the hamper and pile them up.

here i am with good nesting material--polka dot pjs!

here i am getting up from some good beauty rest. look at my eyes--two different colors! that must have been one hell of a nap. i wonder what i saw in my dreams?


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

nurse wally

i'm tiptoeing around here and have been neglecting my blog because of a nasty stomach flu that has gotten to my naked apes. i have bravely taken on the role of caregiver, offering to snuggle during naps and selflessly offering to eat the food they cannot.