Saturday, August 02, 2008

SPCA Saturday!

My ma ape was whooooooring around again today at the SPCA in spite of the fact that i had to go for walk this morning in a RAGING THUNDERSTORM. Dram-ma Ma-ma! Someone should adopt this dogs IMMEDIATELY so that my ma ape can stay home with the one who needs her. Get thee to the SPCA!

This dude was Buddy, a Golden Retriever that was totes sweet. I don't think he will be at the SPCA long--he might have gotten adopted today!

This cool dude is Willis, a friendly American Bulldog.

Willis is composed of 90% jowls.

And THIS dude was named Tucker, though my ma ape called him Jarvis Cocker. And she was totes smitten with him because he reminded her of ME.

Um, I don't see any resemblance. This guy is FAT.

And goofy looking. NO RESEMBLANCE.

And Oscar Big Red is still there. Still goofy.

Still sluttin' around with my ma ape. Like she needs an 70-pound lap dog! She already has two! (Plus a 50-pound and losing one).

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Friday, August 01, 2008

A Country for Old Men (aka HAPPY BURPDAY JACKS!)

It has been a sad time so I wanted to have some happy news and there is some! Yesterday was my friend Jackson's Burpday! He is probably around 10 years old which means that he and I are in our prime! We just keep gettin' better with age.

Here's the burpday boy!

Have you ever seen a pair so handsome?

Here's to more years lounging, snacking, and being inappropriate with other dogs!

And may you have many more years sexually harassing my baby brudder!

Now Jackson, what do you say we hit a karaoke bar to celebrate? This could be us in spandex and sparkles!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Howl for the SUMDs

It has been a sad week overall at DWB and I just wanted to say goodbye to two of my friends. The lurchers, the skinny ugly mutant dogs, the dogs who taught me "roaching," have lost two members of their pack.

The beautiful Meg.

The incomparable KuBrin.

It is a sad day for all of us in the dog world but saddest for their pack. If you hear a sad howl, it our tribute to you.

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Doggone Crazy

A golden retriever at a Kansas zoo has adopted a litter of white tiger cubs after their mum abandoned them.

It's cute but I don't want any cats getting any ideas about MY food. Mine. Don't touch. I could take a whole pack of tigers if it came to that.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Special Friend By Oscar Bean, Super Teen!

Editor Wally: I told Oscar he could blog today. He's been reading Joe Stains's blog and thinks he should get a Tanner Tuesday but I reminded him that his name is not alliterative with any letter of the week. So you will get Occasional Oscar. Good luck.

Oscar: Hi Doods! I get to go to the dog park ALONE because my Big Brudder Wally is Old Man Cranky Pants and my sissy Ethel can be a b-word. I don't know what the b-word is. Here I am at the park. Even though at the SPCA they thought I was MEAN because I liked to shout and lunge and peeps I am actually FRAIDY CAT!

I run around with my tail between my legs and I SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM.

But then my friend Chuck shows up and I feel better.

And then also I made a new bestie friend named BEAR and he is an AKITA and is mom is German and calls me Aw-SCAR and it sounds awe-SOME.

Look at Bear and Chuck. Ohmydog they're so awesome.

And he lets us play wrestlewrestle with him.

And then I show him The Humpty Dance that Wally taught me!

Bear is my new special friend!

The end.
By Oscar.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

What are Weekends for?

As many of you know, my ma ape abandons me every weekend to go spoil dogs at the SPCA. Last weekend she went to see Mamma Mia! and then went out to dinner and then there was a gas leak (at the restaurant, not in my ma ape) and so it took really long because they had to evacuate. You'd think she'd learn her lesson but last night she abandoned me AGAIN to go out for sushi. Here's my feelings on the matter:

So this morning I demanded a good walkie! Here's my leadout crew.

I'm thinking about getting a chariot. Then they could pull Caesar Wally! Here's a bee that I saw. I thought it might be the one that stung Ernest but this guy swore innocence so I didn't rough him up.

I had to teach the Big O a thing or two about roachin'

He has so much to learn.

But then it was time for the big suck-up. Bones! Look--Oscar conserves energy by eating lying down.

I see the early signs of doofusism setting in.

So tasty. But then we were interrupted by THUNDER BOOMERS. Jerks.

There'd better be something good planned for next weekend. Bones, roaching, ice cream, walkies, and NO THUNDER BOOMERS.

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