Saturday, November 01, 2008

SPCA Saturday!

It is SPCA Saturday, MOJO JOJO reporting for duty! NO LIL RED! It was an EXCIIIIITING day. One of the apes told the other ape that if LIL RED was still at the SPCA after two weeks she could have him. And today was TWO WEEKS! And the apes came to the SPCA and LIL RED was in the lobby GETTING ADOPTED! Harooooooooooo! I tried to convince them to take home a MOJOJOJO but they did not. There were not many new dogs this week--haroooooo! But here are some friends.

This LIL LADY is Tabitha, a pit/hound mix who is the greaterest! She'd make a GREAT family dog because she likes to PLAY and she likes to dish out the LOVE.

She is hard to photograph because she moves SO FAST. Here she is trying to give the love to the lady ape! Smooch-a-smooch-a.

These are some doods who are not available for adoption yet because they are waiting for vet care and/or noooooootering. (I'm already nootered so you can take me home NOW--HINT HINT!)

This lady is a basset/beagle who is in AARP.

And this is my pal Milo of Milo and Otis, the Beagle Brudders.

They do enjoy the rassling.

And doin' the Beagle Bounce.

That's Otis, climbing Mount Milo.

Come adopt us!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

We won! We won! We won!

Rain can't keep us down (or can't khan't kheep, in Khyra's words!)! We won the world series! And then catcher Carlos Ruiz ate closer Brad Lidge right out on the mound. Nom nom! This calls for some bully sticks!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We Shall Overcome

When my ma ape was just a twinkle in my GranNE's eye, they had two beagles. Named Bad and Worse. I suspect this video will remind her of them.


Red October!

The local news here has dubbed the World Series RED OCTOBER which is, of course, a reference to the Phillies' predominant color, the Russian Revolution, and probably Socialist-in-Chief Barack Obama who is involved in some sort of conspiracy involving Acorns, birth certificates, Indonesia, Marxist ideology, Joe Biden's hair plugs, Sarah Palin's wardrobe and hanging chads. It might have something to do with why the Cubs have not won a World Series since before the rise and fall of the Soviet Union. Just sayin'.

Keeping up with their conspiracy theories is exhausting. Especially since there is a REAL conspiracy involving supernatural forces, thwarted dreams, and lots and lots of rain. Yes, the game last night was postponed during the 6th inning due to torrential downpours and winds (though it was not too rainy for me to have to haul my butt out of my nice warm bed at 4:30 to go for a walk. But I digress.)

The news here is reporting that the events may be indicative of the CURSE OF BILLY PENN. Apparently Billy--who sits atop City Hall--is a bit of a diva and hasn't let the Philly sports teams win since the city allowed buildings taller than his statue to be built.

Isn't this a spooky Halloween story? Some dead dude who is now a statue won't let our sports teams win. Or let the &$%^& fifth game to be OVER.

I'm going to have a hard time sleeping tonight.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

SPCA Saturday!

Hey! Wally is very tired because he stayed up to watch the World Series and the game got over at 1;47 a.m.! Yeeesh! So it is Lil Big Red II in the house for SPCA Saturday!

Last week there was some confusion about my gender and I would like to clarify that I am all dude! I have a curly tail just like one Mr. Wally T. Corgador.

OK, and to kick things off, here's my one-eared friend Vincent Van Gogh, Min Pin (or Manchester terrier) extraordinaire!

This is Tiffany le Poodle.

And Emily le Lab. She is one mad woman! Look out!

Aubrey the pit doesn't like other dogs but boy does she like peeps! And she has a funny quiet raspy bark. She should lay off the smokes.

This is Madeline the terrier pup who is a hoot!

She likes to play but gets befuddled when there is more than one ball to play with--how to choose?

This girly girl is shy.
But she still likes to play!

And this boxer dude is Smokey! He likes to play tug. He has a deep throaty play growl.

And you remember ME!

I wonder when I will get to move into Wally's house?

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